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Fukrey Returns Full Movie Download

Fukrey Returns is a 2017 Comedy Bollywood movie and 2nd Installment of Fukrey series, whereas the film stars Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Varun Sharma, and Priya Anand have played the lead roles and this movie was released on 8 December 2017. Below in this article, you can find the details about Fukrey Returns Full Movie Download and where to Watch Fukrey Returns Full movie Online.

Fukrey Returns Movie Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
  • Written by: Vipul Vig / Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
  • Lead Actors:
    • Pulkit Samrat as Vikas Gulati aka Hunny
    • Varun Sharma as Dilip Singh aka Choocha
    • Ali Fazal as Zafar
    • Richa Chadda as Bholi Punjaban
    • Manjot Singh as Lalli
    • Priya Anand as Priya Sharma
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Vishakha Singh as Neetu Raina
    • Pankaj Tripathi as Pandit
    • Nalneesh Neel as Mangu
    • Rajiv Gupta as Minister Babulal Bhatia
  • Producers: Farhan Akhtar / Ritesh Sidhwani
  • Music: Sharib-Toshi
  • Background Music: Sameer Uddin

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Fukrey Returns Box Office Collection Update

Day 1₹ 8.10 Cr
Day 2₹ 11.30 Cr
Day 3₹ 12.80 Cr
Day 4₹ 5.10 Cr
Day 5₹ 5.05 Cr
Day 6₹ 4.30 Cr
Day 7 ₹ 3.90 Cr
Day 8₹ 3.31 Cr
Day 9₹ 5.15 Cr
Day 10₹ 7.10 Cr
Total Collection₹ 112.30 Cr

Fukrey Returns Hit or Flop

Fukrey Returns is one of the best movies in terms of low budget and highest grossing. The Fukrey Returns budget is only Rs.22 Cr and done a business of Rs.112.30 Cr on Box Office Collection. Also, received 6.5/10 rating on IMDb and Fukrey Returns becomes Superhit for the year. Fukrey Returns nominated for 12 awards and has won 2 awards for Best Actor in a Comic Role (Female) and Best Performance in Comedy Role (Male).

Story of Fukrey Returns

Bholi’s Release From Jail

Hunny, Choocha, and Lali are living their lives happily in Delhi and enjoying their college life after their admission. Here Zafar busy doing his business. After a year’s prison, Bholi Punjaban released from jail. And immediately after her release, he sent her troop to catch Fukras and bring them before her. They brought them before her along with Pandit at her place only. Bholi asks Fukras regarding their plan to fool her but they convince her that there is nothing like that and they don’t have any plan to fool her. Convinced with them Bholi gives them another chance and invest her money to open a lottery shop hence Choocha started marketing of their lottery shop and more and more people started investing in that.

Escape of Fukrey’s

On other hands a minister of Janta Vikas Party, Babulal Bhatia has verbal combat with the CM and challenge and bet him that he will win next elections. Meanwhile, police in the city start conducting raids around the city for fake lottery shops and drugs shops, and finds Fukra’s shop and cease the shop. Here Babulal uses his power of politics and money and changes the numbers of the lottery. People who invested their hard earned money in lottery becomes very annoyed. When Fukra’s realized that the situation going out of control they escape from there.

Choocha Can See The Future

Fukra’s though escaped from there but they know that they are still in danger. They accommodate themselves in a construction area but they got spotted by pundit. From here Choocha realizes that he has the superpower to see the future and he dreamt of a Tiger who later attacked them. With the help of pundit, Bholi caught them as she is very angry with them due to their foolishness and order her henchman to kill them but after getting impressed by Choocha’s quality of being able to see the future she forgive them.

Hidden Treasure

Bholi, next day tell Fukrey’s to find a hidden treasure for her and the Fukra’s keeps the condition that she will release them then only they will help her to find the treasure and she agrees and releases them. Here Babulal got scared that police will find the invested money so he called the boys at his residence. Pundit is keeping eyes in them in disguise. At the dinner table, the boys forcefully promised to help Babulal with their welfare in return. The boys take Babulal’s blame on themselves but Bholi brings police and Babulal get arrested. Out of this situation, the boys returned to their houses but feels rejected by their loved ones hence they decided to earn more money.

Choocha Forced to Dream

Here at pundit’s place Choocha is forced to see a dream and him see Lali in his dream holding a Tiger cub in his hand. Meanwhile, Babulal comes to know Bholi’s plan and attacked her but forgives her on the pretext to find a treasure. Bholi calls Hunny and they go to park where they meet Neetu and Priya and dig a hole through which they enter a cave and find the cub’s mother there. They escaped from there.

Illegal Goods

After escaping from there they somehow reached to the huge factory and found $400 million illegal products there. Babulal arrives there and comes to know that it is his constrained trade products. He tries to banish them but the police arrive and arrest him. Later Fukra’s open their own electronic shop of the products they found in the warehouse.

Review of Fukrey Returns

Directed by Mrighdeep Singh and produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani Fukrey returns is the sequel of 2013 movie Fukrey, this the most befitting sequel of any movie. Fukrey Returns is the total comedy movie, total fun and hilarious one. Not even for a minute one will get bored or feel disconnected with the is fun to watch the movie, everyone should watch it once. Fukrey Returns is considered much funnier than its first part. Now everyone is hoping to see Fukrey 3 as soon as possible as this part took 3 years to come back to screen. Though the screenplay and story of the movie are not that demanding o unique the characters and situations are shown in the movie is outstanding and will make you laugh throughout the movie.

Starcast Performance

Pulkit Samrat the young dashing and handsome model turn actor who worked on television also. In Fukrey also he performed extremely well and girls went crazy behind him. His presence on screen is wonderful. He will not allow you to see other actors if he is occupying the screen. In Fukrey Returns also he did his part extremely well.

Varun Sharma another young actor from Punjab who stole and wins many hearts with his performance especially with his humor and timing of comedy. Actually, most of the credit of the movie’s popularity should be given to Varun for the role he played called Choocha. What a heart winning and hilarious performance he gave in both the parts. Without his character, the movie will not remain as same. He is the one who actually takes away this.
movie to hit.

Music Review

Thereee are multiple music directors of the movie named Sharib- Toshi, Jasleen Royal, Shree d, Ishq Bector, Gulraj Singh and Prem Hardeep. Thereee are 8 tracks in movie sung by Neha Kakkar, Raftaar, Siddharth Mahadevan, Shahid Mallya, Divya Kumar, Jasleen Royal. Though the music little bit disappointed but song sung by Neha Kakkar is soulful and beautiful.

Fukrey Returns Full Movie Download

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