Spooky Wins- Our Pick for The Best Horror-Themed High RTP Slots Machines

Horror-Themed High RTP Slots Machines
Horror-Themed High RTP Slots Machines

Horror-Themed High RTP Slots Machines: Dead bodies coming to life. Monsters hiding in the closet and under the bed. And the bad spirits trying to disrupt us at night. These are the usual stuff in scary movies and literature and things that we either hate or love. Logically, these themes that cause fear should be avoided. But they remain popular and it has a unique way of drawing people in. It’s scary but we love it and for some, it can even be comforting! 

Now, these horror themes and visuals are not just limited to Hollywood movies and books. They are favorite themes too in the design of online casino games, particularly online slots. Many premium casino games and with a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage today boasts horror elements that make the games visually impressive, striking, and entertaining. Most of these horror-themed slot machines take inspiration from blood-sucking vampires, haunted houses, monsters, and the undead. Unlike the cute and colorful online slots, these horror-inspired casino games rely on shock value and fear to bring the slot-spinning experience to a whole new level. If you are up for some scare on the reels, then check out our picks for the best horror-themed high RTP slots machines.

What are High RTP Slots?

For the best possible returns, you need to check out the best high RTP slots. These premium online slots boast a minimum RTP of 96%, with some reaching as high as 99%. With higher RTP, you get a better shot of collecting a payout or winning the jackpot. And the good news is that some of these high RTP slots use horror as a theme thus making these truly exciting and memorable.

As a casino player, it is important to pay attention to the game’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This number refers to the theoretical return to the player over the long run. Most online slots have a theoretical return of 95 to 96%. If an online slot boasts a 95% RTP, it means that over the long run, the game will pay back 95% percent of all bets wagered to the players in the form of prizes. So if the total amount wagered on the game is $100, it means that this game will offer payouts of up to $95 and the rest is retained by the operator. In short, an informed casino player will always look for the game’s RTP as one of the factors in selecting a game.

Scary Yet Fun Online Slots

Horror is a growing category in online slots design. Some of the best software vendors that take the lead in the development of these games are Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft, and Play’n GO. Listed below are some of our top high RTP slots picks that combine a scary theme, striking visuals, and an engaging casino experience.

  • Dracula’s Castle by Wazdan. Wazdan Holdings Limited has opened the gates to the thrilling castle of Count Dracula where only the bravest can survive. Dracula’s Castle is a Dracula-themed online video slot with a 3×5 mechanic and five paylines. With an RTP of 96.56%, this slot promises players up to a maximum win of 10,000 coins when you land 5 Count Dracula’s on the reels. Game symbols in the majestic castle include Dracula’s Castle and Count Dracula, which serve as the Wild Symbol. It also features Bats, Gravestones, and Dracula’s two Female Minions. You can expect a thrill in every spin thanks to its scary atmosphere, suspenseful soundtrack, and potential bonuses.
  • Wicked Circus by Yggdrasil Gaming. If you are a fan of a creepy clown-like the famous Joker, then you’ll love the creepiness of Wicked Circus by Yggdrasil Gaming. It is part of the popular Jokerizer series from Yggdrasil and it boasts an RTP of 96.5%. This 5×3 reel, 10-pay line video slot features Mystery Win Bonus Spin, combined with Jokerizer Mode and Hold Spin feature. When you manage to collect three or more Joker on the reels, you can enjoy a maximum payout of 6,000 coins. The game’s interface and sound add to the game’s mystery which should keep slot players at the edge of their seats.
  • Day of the Dead by IGT. With an RTP of 92.52%, this horror-themed slot offers a decent return but holds a lot of promise. Inspired by the Mexican holiday called the Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead slot brings Skulls and the Dead on the screen. To celebrate the Day of the Dead, the reels feature Skeleton Pairs as well as Mariachi Skeletons. When Mariachi Skeletons appear on the reels, it enhances the overall festive atmosphere and offers huge payouts. Day of the Dead slot features 720 ways to win and a massive Free Spins Round where you can collect up to 240 Free Spins.  For its special features, you can count on Wilds Symbols and huge Multipliers and a payout of up to 1,000x your total bet.

Big wins, scary visuals and paying symbols, and higher RTP. If you can combine them in a single online slot production, then you have a winning formula that casino players will love. In this guide, we covered the high RTP slots that will offer you more thrill and a better chance at payouts. Unlike most cute and sweet online slots, these games will take you on a wild and thrilling ride while spinning for prizes.