Jason Voorhees Victims Full Movie Details

Jason Voorhees Victims Full Movie News

Working steadily with a special task force of the FBI, I have been able to compile a complete listing of all Jason Voorhees victims. I have been able to provide the victims names and the proposed method of death. Special thanks to Fangoria, it is the magazine of choice here at the coroner’s office. Without their inspiration, I could have never made it through the long hour’s works on this report. The following report list only the victims of one, Jason Voorhees, excluding all victims from “Friday the 13th” and “Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning”. Jason was not directly responsible for those murders, thus he is not held responsible for them. Here we will introduce the details of the Jason Voorhees Victims Full Movie News.

The following is a complete listing of all of Jason Voorhees victims to date may they rest in pieces!!!!!

List of Jason Voorhees victims

Friday the 13th, Part 2

  • Alice (Adrienne King) Stabbed in the temple with an icepick.
  • Crazy Ralph (Walt Grney) Garroted with barbed wire.
  • Policeman (Jack Marks) Hammerclaw in the Head.
  • Scott (Russell Todd) Throat slashed while hanging in a snare.
  • Terry (Kirsten Baker) Knifed.
  • Mark (Tom McBride) Machete to the face
  • Jeff (Bill Randolph) and Sandra (Marta Kober) Double impaling with a spear gun.
  • Vickie (Lauren-Marie Taylor) Knifed
  • Paul (John Furey) Disappears, presumed dead.
  • Friday the 13th, Part 3
  • Harold (Steve Susskind) Cleaver to the chest.
  • Edna (Cheri Maugans) Knitting needles in the back of the head.
  • Fox (Gloria Charles) Pitchforked through the neck onto a rafter.
  • Loco (Kevin O’Brien) Pitchforked in the stomach
  • Ali (Nick Savage) Macheted to death.
  • Shelly (Larry Zerner) Throat slashed.
  • Vera (Catherine Parks) Speargun to the eye.
  • Andy (Jeffery Rogers) Macheted in half.
  • Debbie (Tracie Savage) Knifed from underneath her hammock..
  • Chuck (David Katims) Electrocuted on a fuse box.
  • Chili (Rachel Howard) Stabbed with a fire poker.
  • Rick (Paul Kratka) Head squeezed till his eye pops out.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

  1. Axel (Bruce Mahler) Surgical hacksaw to the throat, neck broken.
  2. Nurse Morgan (Lisa Freeman) Gutted by a scalpel.
  3. Hitchiker (Bonnie Hellman) Knifed through the neck.
  4. Samatha (Judie Aronson) Knifed through the neck
  5. Paul (Alan Hayes) Speared in the groin.
  6. Terri (Carey More) Speared in the back.
  7.  Mrs. Jarvis(Joan Freeman) Killed, causes unknown.
  8. Jimmy(Crispin Glover) Corkscrew through the hand, cleaver in the face.
  9. Tina (Camilla More) Thrown through a window, lands on a parked car.
  10.  Ted (Lawerence Monoson) Knifed in the head through a movie screen.
  11.  Doug (Peter Barton) Head crushed in Jason’s bare hands.
  12.  Sara (Barbara Howard) Axed in the chest.
  13. Bob (E. Erich Anderson) Garden harrow in the throat.

Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

  1. Allen (Ron Palillo) Heart ripped out.
  2. Darren (Tony Goldwyn) Impaled on a spear.
  3. Lizabeth (Nancy McLoughlin) Speared through the mouth.
  4. Burt (Wallace Merck) Arm ripped off, impaled on a tree branch.
  5. 41, & 42. Stan (Matthew Faison), Katie (Ann Ryerson) and Larry (Alam Blumenfeld) Triple decapitation with a machete.
  6. 43. Martin (Bob Larkin) Broken bottle in the throat.
  7. 44 & 45. Steven (Roger Rose) and Annette (Cynthia Kania) Double impalement with a machete on their motorcycle.
  8. Nikki (Darcy Demoss) face crushed against RV wall.
  9. Cort (Tom Fridley) Hunting knife in the head.
  10. Roy (Whitney Rydbeck) Pieces of him are found strewn in woods
  11. Sissy (Renee Jones) Head ripped off.
  12. Paula (Kerry Noonan) Hacked up with a machete.
  13. Officer Thornton (Michael Nomand) Dart in the forehead.
  14. Officer Pappas (Michael Swan) Head crushed in Jason’s bare hands.
  15. Sheriff Garris (David Kagen) Broken in half.

Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood

  1. Jane (Staci Greason) Tent spike in the neck, impaled to a tree.
  2. Michael (William Butler) Tent spike thrown into his back.
  3. Dan (Michael Schroeder) Jason’s hand through his body, neck broken.
  4. Judy (Debora Kessler) Bashed against a tree in her sleeping bag.
  5. Russell (Larry Cox) Axed in the face.
  6. Sandra (Heidi Kozak) Pulled underwater and drowned.
  7. Maddy (Diana Barrows) Scythe in the neck.
  8. Ben (Craig Thomas) Head crushed in Jason’s bare hands.
  9. Kate (Diana Almeida) Party horn in the eye.
  10. David (Jon Renfield) Butcher knife in the stomach.
  11. Eddie (Jeff Bennett) Beheaded with a machete.
  12. Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan) Thrown through a window.
  13. Amanda Shepherd (Susan Blu) Speared from behind.
  14. Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) Tree-trimming saw in the stomach.
  15. Melissa (Susan Jennifer Sullivan) Axed in the face.

Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

  1. Jim (Todd Shaffer) Impaled with a spear gun.
  2. 70. Suzy (Tiffany Paulsen) Stabbed with a spear.
  3. J.J. (Saffron Henderson) Bashed in the head with her electric guitar.
  4. Boxer (unidentified) Hot sauna rock in the chest.
  5.  Tamara (Sharlene Martin) Stabbed with a mirror shard.
  6. Jim Carlson (Fred Henderson) Harpooned in back.
  7. Admiral Robertson (Warren Munson) Throat slit with a machete.
  8. Eva (Kelly Hu) Strangled.
  9. Wayne (Martin Cummins) Electrocuted on a control panel.
  10. Miles (Gordon Currie) Impaled on a deck post.
  11. Deck Hand (Alex Diakun) Axed in the back
  12. Gang Banger #1 (Sam Sarkar) Stabbed through the back with his own syringe.
  13. Gang Banger #2 (Michael Benyaer) Bashed and scalded on a steam pipe.
  14. Julius (V.C. Dupree) Jason knocks his block off.
  15. Cop (Roger Barnes) Dragged into an alley, killed.
  16. Colleen Van Deusen (Barbara Bingham) Immolated in an exploding car.
  17. Charles McCullough (Peter mark Richman) Drowned in a barrel of sewage.
  18. Sanitation Worker (David Longworth) Bashed in the head with a wrench.

***Several anonymous students left to die on the burning ship, and a diner worker thrown against a wall. All unconfirmed kills.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

  1. Coroner (Richard Gant) Eats Jason’s heart, dies and becomes possessed.
  2. Coroner’s Assistant (Dean Lorey) Autopsy probe in the back of the neck, face pushed through a metal grating.
  3. FBI Agent #1 (Tony Ervolina) Pencil through his spinal cord.
  4. FBI Agent #2 (Kane Hodder) Coroner’s fingers through his skull.
  5. Alexis (Kathryn Atwood) Slashed up with a straight razor.
  6. Deborah (Michelle Clunie) Stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike, ripped in half.
  7. Lou (Michael Silver) Head crushed.
  8. Edna (Dian Georger) Head slammed in car door.
  9. Josh (Andrew Bloch) Possessed by Jason, shot in head and impaled with poker, later melts away.
  10. Diana (Erin Gray) Knife-sharpening pole in back.
  11. Robert Campbell (Steven Culp) Possessed by Jason, later shot in head, run over with car, impaled on a barbecue skewer.
  12. Officer Ryan (Madelon Curtis) Head bashed against a locker.
  13. Officer Mark (Mark Thompson) and Officer Brian (Brian Phelps) Heads bashed together.
  14. Ward (Adam Cranner) Arm broken, falls dead through the diner doors.
  15. Shelby (Leslie Jordan) Burned to death on a deep-fat fryer and grill.
  16. Joey B. (Rusty Schwimmer) Face bashed in.
  17. Vicki (Allison Smith) Impaled on a barbecue skewer, head crushed.
  18. Randy (Kipp Marcus) Possessed by Jason, later his neck is severed with a machete.
  19. Creighton Duke (Steven Williams) Crushed to death by Jason.

***All possessed murders were attributed to Jason, since it was his spirit that was the possessor.

Jason X

  1. Private Johnson (Jeff Gebbis) Possibly stabbing or strangulation. Off camera.
  2. Solider 1 (Unknown) Blow to Skull.
  3. Solider 2 (Unknown) Thrown into Friendly Fire.
  4. Solider 3 (Unknown) Blow to Skull.
  5. Solider 4 (Unknown) Strangulation.
  6. Dr Wimmer (David Cronenberg) Speared.
  7. Sergeant  Marcus (Markus Parilo) Possibly stabbing. Off Camera.
  8. Adrienne (Kristi Angus) Liquid nitrogen, head smashed.
  9. Stony (Yani Gellman) Stabbing with surgical instrument.
  10. Azrael (Dov Tiefenbach) Broken neck.
  11. Dallas (Todd Farmer) Head smashed.
  12.  Condor (Steve Lucescu) Impaled.
  13. Gecko (Amanda Bragel) Throat slashed.
  14. Briggs (Dylan Bierk) Cut in half.
  15. Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts) Decapitation.
  16. Spacestation Solaris Unknown losses due to collision with Grendel
  17. Crutch Electrocution.
  18. Kinsa (Melody Johnson) Shuttle crash.
  19. Waylander (Derwin Jordan) Self detonation.
  20. Janessa (Melyssa Ade) Space.
  21. Sergeant Brodski (Peter Mensah) Atmospheric re-entry.