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Sultan Full Movie Download

Sultan is a 2016 sports and drama Bollywood movie and The stars of this film are Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Ali Abbas Zafar, whereas the movie was released on 6 July 2016. This 2016 Box Office Superhit hit is well received by both audience and critics equally Below in this article, you can find the details about Sultan Full Movie Download and where to Watch Sultan Full Movie Online.

Sultan Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
  • Written by: Ali Abbas Zafar
  • Lead Actors:
    • Salman Khan as Sultan Ali Khan
    • Anushka Sharma as Aarfa Ali Khan nee Hussain
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Anant Vidhaat Sharma as Govind
    • Randeep Hooda as Fateh Singh
    • Amit Sadh as Aakash
    • Marko Zaror as Marcus
  • Producers: Shah Rukh Khan / Karan Johar / Gauri Khan / Renu Ravi Chopra / Hiroo Yash Johar
  • Music: Tanishk Bagchi / Brian Wayne Transeau
  • Background Music: Brian Wayne Transeau / Tanishk Bagchi

Sultan Box Office Collection Update

Day 1₹ 36.54 Cr
Day 2₹ 37.32 Cr
Day 3₹ 31.67 Cr
Day 4₹ 36.62 Cr
Day 5₹ 38.21 Cr
Day 6₹ 15.54 Cr
Day 7₹ 12.92 Cr
Day 8₹ 10.82 Cr
Day 9₹ 9.52 Cr
Day 10₹ 7.43 Cr
Total Collection₹623.33 crore

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Sultan Hit or Flop

As we all know nowadays If Salman Khan’s movie gets release then it creates records in terms of Box Office Collection. Sultan movie is also from those movies which created records on Box Office Collection and done a fabulous business of Rs623.33 Cr and budget was Rs.80 Cr. The Sultan movie becomes a Blockbuster Bollywood Movie for the year and received 7.1 on IMDb.

Story of Sultan

Introduction of Sultan 

Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) is a middle-aged Jat wrestler and previous wrestling champion who now lives alone in a small city in Hariyana. Aaksah Oberoi (Amit Sadh), the founder of a private mixed martial arts championship supported by Mr.Patel (Ivan Sylvester Rodrigues), is inspired by his father to hired Sultan to save the popularity of mixed martial arts championship. After going to Haryana he meets Sultan and gives an offer, which plainly declines his offer saying that he completed from the wrestling.

How Sultan Becomes Wrestler

Aakash approaches Sultan’s best friend Govind (Anant Vidhaat Sharma), who tells him how Sultan become a wrestler. In the year 2008 Sultan fall in a love with Aafra Hussain (Anushka Sharma), a state-level female wrestler and a daughter of a local wrestling coach. However in stating she did not like him, but shortly she becomes a friend of Sultan. When Sultan claimed to his close friends that she is his girlfriend she insulted him and he clarifies that she would only marry a well-trained wrestler in front of everyone including his friends.

Winning State Level Championship

Committed to winning her love and respect Sultan devotes himself to hard training of wrestling and finally, he wins a state-level championship and becomes state-level champion along with Aarfa’s respect and love. Both of them get married to each other and becomes famous wrestlers, representing India in different International Championship. When both are selected for the Olympics for their respective categories. Aarfa comes to know that she is pregnant. She gives up her dream to win a gold medal for India. Sultan participates in the Olympics and he wins a gold medal for India. To her shock, Sultan’s achievements make him egoistic, and he slaps a news reporter while interviewing him.

Sultan Leaves Aarfa

Sultan also leaves Aarfa at the time nearing the date of her delivery to wins gold in turkey. Finally, he becomes a world wrestling champion. When he comes back from Turkey, he comes to know that his newborn baby boy dies due to illness in his blood. The newborn baby had the same rare blood group which Sultan also has O” Negative, but they did not find the same blood group for him at that time and he died. Aafra decides to leave Sultan and gone to her father’s home. Heartbroken from losing his wife and his newborn baby, Sultan starts collecting funds to open a blood bank in the city on the name of his son name.

The Pro Wrestling Championship

In the present day, Aakash guarantees Sultan that the prize money of the championship will achieve his dream of opening a blood bank in the city. Sultan agrees to take a part in the championship and travels to Delhi for training, in Delhi Aakash introduces him to MMA coach Fateh Singh (Randeep Honda), at the beginning he declines him to train, but later he agrees after watching his will power.

The Training Session

After the training of two months, Sultan again becomes fit and learns how to fight Mixed freestyle wrestling. In the first match of the championship, he defeats his opponent with his stylish and iconic wrestling style. Shorty he becomes nationwide sentiment after the series of matches in the championship, During the semifinal match, he wins the match but he badly injured in the match and he was hospitalized. The doctors tell Aakash about his health that he should not fight again till he recovers from his injuries. Aafra comes at the hospital and inspires him to fight in the finale and win the championship.

Sultan Movie

Sultan Wins Championship

At the time of the final match of the championship, he forgot his pain and defeat the opponent and wins the championship. At the end Sultan and his wife Aafra live together, Sultan opens the Blood bank in the city with the winning prize money of the championship, and Aafra starts her wrestling again, she delivered to a baby girl, and Sultan becomes a trainer of her baby girl.

Review of Sultan

  • Sultan is a Bollywood sports drama film which is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The movie is produced by Aditya Chopra underproduction of Yash Raj Films.
    It features Anushka Sharma, Salman Khan, Randeep Honda, and Amit Sadh.
  • The soundtrack was composed by Vishal-Shekar and the lyrics of the songs are written by Irshad Kamil.
  • The songs of the movie “Baby-Ko base Pasand Hain and “Jag Ghumiyan” become popular songs among the viewers.
  • Salman khan superstar gives an outstanding and memorable performance in the move, while Anushka Sharma acted brilliantly as always she does.
  • The performance by Sultan’s friend in the movie Govind the role played by Anant was amazing in the film.
  • But the director of the film amazes viewers by keeping the dropping scene aside in the movie.
  • Randeep Honda has given justification to his role as a training MMA coach for Sultan in the movie, the supporting actors added freshness in the film. Mishra who plays the role of Arfa’s father in the film acted nicely.
  • Overall all it’s the movie of Salman Khan the mass entertainer movie.

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