Maharshi Movie Review- The Perfect Blend of Emotion And Action

Maharshi Movie Review

Maharshi is about Rishi(Mahesh Babu) a superstar of Telugu cinemas in role of a millionaire NRI CEO. He returns to his homeland to find his childhood friend. After knowing the pain his friend is going through, he becomes a savior of poor people. Allari Naresh(Ravi) as a childhood friend of Rishi is a treat to watch. The love interest of Rishi is played by Pooja Hegde. Below in this article, you will find Maharshi Movie review in detail.

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Maharshi Movie review

Story & Narration – It has everything that one wants in a movie

The movie stars Mahesh Babu as Rishi who is an IIT student. The initial minutes of the movie shows Rishi as the CEO of a software company. By the time you will think what makes the big deal about it, you will go back to Rishi’s Past. Also,  Allari Naresh as Ravi is playing Rishi’s childhood friend. The entire story of the movie revolves around how a friend who Owes his life helps him to make his village better.

What makes the Story unique is the narration. Maharshi is narrated so well, that you can connect to every character and every corner points of the story. With the help of better narration, you can actually connect with the story.

Acting And Performances – Best Of Mahesh Babu & Allari Naresh 

Mahesh Babu as Rishi is has given a Powerpacked performance. Pooja Hegde looks lost for most of the part and is a waste in the movie, whereas Allari Naresh outshines as Ravi in the movie. Prakash Raj in the role of Rishi’s father does justice to his role as always.

The way Mahesh Babu is playing his role as a billionaire Rishi will make you believe that it is a real character. On the other hand, Naresh role in the 2nd half leads over Mahesh Babu. Also, Pooja’s character is there for a period of time, but the way she was a support to play the supporting role is outstanding.

In fact, all the characters in this movie have given their best, making you get involved in their life. Which is what the actors are meant to do.

Music: Combination of Emotions

Written by Shree Mani the songs have various emotions put together. You will love the songs in the album, Choti Choti Baatein is a romantic number, Nuvve Samantha is an introduction number  Everest Anchun is a favorite with the people and  Padara Padara is an inspirational song. overall the album Maharishi is a combination of different emotions put together.

Verdict: Should You Watch?

A must watch for its Action, Drama and emotional touch. Overall the movie is a fine mixture of all the elements to make a hit.

In the above article, you will find the Maharshi Movie review.