India Most Wanted 3rd Day BOC – Will Arjun Kapoor Impress Audience On Day 3

Below in this Article, we will cover India Most Wanted Boc.

India Most Wanted 1st Day BOC -

India Most Wanted Boc

The movie in which we are talking has jumped on day 3 will the story change or remain the same or will these movie ahead on the top of the table in box office collection or not the team of this movie still have hope for the best collection of the movie on which they have given their time and hard work. in the below article, you will find the detail of India Most Wanted Day 3 Box Office collection

India Most Wanted Day 3 Box Office collection

On day 3, Has the movie got some of the benefits or not let see. So the movie which till the day 2 not yet cross the budget amount in which they had lost for the movie had they cover that? On day 3, the amount they collected is Rs 3.53 Cr but whatever they collected a better amount than day 2 it 50 Lk + on another day and now we move to the Day 4. Let see the Day 4 story of this movie.

India Most Wanted Day 3 Box Office Collection in India

India most wanted movie has a budget of Rs 37 Cr and till the date means today the total amount we collected is Rs 8.66 Cr what mistake had this movie done, The audience has also not given the bad response at all everybody had enjoyed watching this movie and they should understand the mean of these movies is for what and for whom.

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India Most Wanted Third Day Box Office Collection Worldwide

India₹ 3.53 Cr
Worldwide₹ 7.15 Cr


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