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Rangasthalam Full Movie Download

Rangasthalam is a 2018 action and drama Telugu movie and the film stars Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni has played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Sukumar and the movie was released on 30 March 2018. Below in this article, you can find the details about Rangasthalam Full Movie Download and where to Watch Rangasthalam Full Movie Online.

Rangasthalam Full Movie Download

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Watch Rangasthalam Full Movie On TV

Rangasthalam’s producers have given the satellite rights to multiple TV Channels. So Rangasthalam Full movie was already telecasted on TV multiple times. You can get the details of the TV Channels telecasting Rangasthalam Full Movie from this location

Watch Rangasthalam Full Movie Online

You can Watch Rangasthalam Full movie online legally through Monthly submission websites or can rent it online. In fact, all these websites are legal and safe. Hence, we recommend you to Watch Rangasthalam Full movie online from these legal sources.

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Rangasthalam Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Sukumar
  • Written by: Sukumar
  • Lead Actors:
    • Zareen Khan as Sheena Roy
    • Gautam Rode as Patrick Sharma
    • Abhinav Shukla as Ricky Khambata
    • Mohit Madaan as Bachchan Singh
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Lillete Dubey as Dolly Khambatta
    • S. Sreesanth as Gaurav, a lawyer
    • Denzil Smith
    • Rushad Rana
  • Producers: Naveen Yerneni / Y. Ravi Sankar / Mohan Cherukuri 
  • Music: Devi Sri Prasad
  • Background Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Rangasthalam Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹210 crore

Rangasthalam Hit or Flop

Rangasthalam is 4th Blockbuster movie for Ram Charan’s career in Film Industry. The budget of the Rangasthalam movie was Rs.60 Cr and done business on Box Office Collection of Rs.210 Cr. The Rangashthalam has received a good response to India and Overseas. Also, Rangasthalam received an 8.6/10 rating on IMDb and rated by more than 15k people.

Story of Rangasthalam

A Man’s Dream and Constraints

Rangasthalam (English meaning “The stage”) is a Telugu-language Indian action drama film. It starts with Chitti (Ram Charan) saving MLA Dakshina (Prakash Raj) from a seemingly lethal road accident. Movie showcases the character of Chitti as a partially deaf, jolly, and light-hearted villager, who lives by watering the farms in Rangasthalam with his best friend’s Rangamma (Anasuya Bharadwaj) motor and he is in love with a village girl Ramalakshmi (Samantha Akkineni). The village is run by President Phanindra Bhoopathi (Jagapathi Babu), who is a cruel landlord, lends loans to farmers and extracts
the high sum from unfortunate farmers.

A Path to Reach the Goal

Kumar Babu (Aadhi Pinisetty) is Chitti’s brother who works in Dubai visits Rangasthalam but gets disappointed with the situation in the village. Thinking to change this bad situation, Kumar Babu decides to stand for the position of President of Rangasthalam with the help of Dakshina Murthy. Chitti and Kumar Babu warn Phanindra of the alteration in power in Rangasthalam. However, Rangamma tells Chitti about her husband’s brutal murder when he had stood up against Phanindra and warns him. Chitti gets scared and decides to withdraw his brother’s nomination but recognizes his determinations towards the village.

One day Kumar Babu gets attacked by few hit men when he has gone to meet his girlfriend “Padma” (Pujita Ponnada), but Chitti somehow saves him. Within a moment unexpectedly another man arrives and cuts Kumar Babu’s throat, leaving him dead. To retaliate his brother’s murder, Chitti along with villagers go to Phanindra’s home to attack, but he escapes from Rangasthalam fearing for his life. Meanwhile, Rangamma gets elected as a president after Dakshina Murthy’s accident has taken place.

Revenge of Brother’s Life

Later the story Turns back to the present, where Chitti assists a comatose Dakshina Murthy for two years without going back to Rangasthalam. With Chitti’s efforts, Dakshina Murthy comes out of the coma and gets elected as minister after two months. One fine day Chitti Babu visits him and reveals that he knows that Dakshina Murthy is his brother’s murderer. While dying Kumar Babu had said “Srimannarayana”, who Chitti realizes later that is the name of Dakshina Murthy’s associate (Amit Tiwari). Dakshina Murthy’s reveal his motive behind murdering Kumar Babu saying it’s his relationship with the Padma, who occurs to be Dakshina Murthy’s daughter.

The later movie shows that Chitti had already found Phanindra Bhoopathi and beaten him to death and he wished to kill Dakshina Murthy once he was healthy and appropriate. The movie finishes with Chitti slashing Dakshina Murthy’s throat.

Chitti Becomes Minister

The movie has a very dramatic climax which comes when Chitti’s brother gets killed which leaves him shocked and he comes up with anger in his eyes and takes the oath to kill his murderer. While dying his brother tell him something which he understands later. Chitti starts serving Dakshina Murthy when he goes into Coma after the accident and makes him get well and healthy. Once he gets elected as a minister he reveals him about the truth and also reveals about his plan to make him healthy and fit so that he can slaughter his throat as he did to his brother.

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Review of Rangasthalam

Direction Review:
Director of the movie “Sukumar” has won the best director award for this movie from Sri Kala Sudha Telugu association Awards 2019. The movie has been produced by Y. Ravi Shankar, C. V. Mohan, and Y. Naveen. The makers have made the movie with their own skills and talents making it won many awards and crossing around Rs. 210 Cr. Worldwide.

Acting Review:
The movie has Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni in the lead roles and Anasuya Bharadwaj, Jagapati Babu, Aadhi Pinisetty and Prakash Raj in supporting roles. The Lead actor Ram Charan has received Best Actor award at Zee Cine awards Telugu 2018 for his tremendously powerful acting in the movie. All other actors have also played their roles fabulously making a viewer fall in love with the characters.

Cinematography Review:
R Rathnavelu is a Cinematographer for the movie. He is a very creative and dynamic
cinematographer. As usual, he has added his flavors in all the scenes making it unique from others. He has captured the scenes with its most suitable manner to present them beautifully on set.

Music Review:
Devi Sri Prasad has composed the soundtrack and score of the movie which consists of 6 songs and all of them are written by Chandra Bose. All the Telugu songs in the movie are based on folk music and the lyrics are mesmerizing.

The movie shows the tremendous turns and twists which makes it a perfect action drama movie with engaging chemistry between the couples and love among two brothers. It’s a complete family entertainment package with an emotional ride in the second half. The music has a folk style which makes it very much noticeable. The movie showcases a beautiful revenge drama story brilliantly with an explosive and remarkable climax.