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faster fene Full Movie Download

Faster Fene is a 2017 Marathi language crime mystery thriller film and The film stars Amey Wagh in and as Faster Fene has played the lead role in this movie. The screenplay was done by Bhaskar Ramachandra Bhagwat whereas the movie was released on 27 October 2017. Below in this article, you can find the details about  Faster Fene Full Movie Download and where to Faster Fene Full Movie Online.

Faster Fene Full Movie Download Online

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Where To Watch Faster Fene Movie Online?

In the recent few years, there are many online streaming platforms that release recently launched movies legally after the movie is out from theater. Similarly, you might come across several platforms to watch Faster Fene Movie online.

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Do Not Download Faster Fene Movie From Illegal Websites

If you are illegal platforms to Faster Fene Full Movie Download, then you might have to face severe consequences.  As per the Copyright Law, anyone involved in Copyright/piracy will be punished as per the law. Hence, make sure you do not watch or download Faster Fene movie from illegal websites.

 Faster Fene Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director:  Aditya Sarpotdar
  • Written byAditya Sarpotdar
  • Lead Actors:
    • Amey Wagh as Banesh Fene
    • Parna Pethe as Aboli
    • Girish Kulkarni as Appa
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Siddharth Jadhav as Ambaadas
    • Dilip Prabhavalkar as B.R. Bhagwat
    • Shubham More as Bhu Bhu
    • Anshuman Joshi as Amol
  • Producers: Genelia Deshmukh / Mangesh Kulkarni
  • Music:  Troy – Arif
  • Background Music:  Troy – Arif

 Faster Fene Box Office Collection Update 

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total CollectionTBA

 Faster Fene Hit or Flop

Faster Fene made with a budget of 6 Cr has managed to earn 27 Cr on the box office which shows the movie is a Blockbuster Marathi movie. The movie received great reviews from audiences as well as critics and that reflects in the collection.

Faster Fene Trailer

Story of Faster Fene

The Wildlife Follower

Banesh Fene (Amey Waugh) is a wildlife follower and passes most of his time in the forest medicating birds. He is set to Pune city for one month for his medical entrance exam, for which his mother has organized his stay at one of his relatives B.R.Bhagwat ( Bha.Ra), he is a famous writer who is now live alone in Pune. At the point when Banesh comes to his place, he learns that a has taken at the place. He assumes that it would take three hours for police to come due to a political event happening nearby and gives him time to find out the thief.

Following Proofs

He begins following proofs and finally finds a ten-year boy who tried the robbery. He comes to know that this boy, his pet name is Bhu-Bhu is an orphan who is pressurized to steal in the attempted murder of a senior citizen to take all his wealth. Banesh saves Bhu-Bhu from the control of the goons and comes back to B.R. Bhagwat’s home. Bha. Ra is a nice person he adopted him and awards Banesh with a pen, which he used to write many of his books. Banesh goes to the college where his exam is expected. There he meets another student and shortly they became friends. Banesh gives him one of his pens as he has forgotten to bring his pen.

Banesh Meets His Childhood Friend

When the exam is over, Banesh runs to his childhood friend Aboli and they exchanges their mobile numbers. He then rushes to find his friend to get back his pen. The examiner tells him that he left much before due time. Banesh is upset to lose the pen he got as an award.
As Banesh coming back to home, he reads the newspaper that his friend has committed suicide He decides to inspect and goes to his hostel, and secretly check the CCTV footage, he finds that his friend chased by a suspected murderer, suspect after 15v minute comes out from the hostel and take an auto.

Banesh Finding Suspect

Banesh and Bhu-Bhu find out the auto driver and ask a question about a suspect., he told them that he dropped him at Swastik lodge. They act like as his friends and enquire at the lodge about forgotten stuff. They get 1 set of clothes and find the receipt of a photo studio. Banesh finds out the photo studio, from photo studio he gets all the details about the suspect. Phot-studios owner is Appa a criminal who runs an organization that controls admission to the college. The name of the suspect is Amol. He finally locates him at the medical college at Tuljapur. Amol clarifies that he is not a murderer but he is an eyewitness.

The Attack of Appa’s Goon

He discloses that he is a coach for the medical entrance exam and approached by Appa’s goon to appear as a dummy for another student, Amol accepted the deal because he is from a poor family. Then Amol is identified by Banesh Friend who was a student, at his coaching classes. He informs the examiner and demands him to call the principal. But instead of principal he calls Appa, he stalks him to his hostel. Amol witnesses of this and he runs away.

Banesh attempts to understand Amol’s situation and leaves him at Bhagwat’s home. At one night when Banesh and Bhu-Bhu are not at home, Appa’s goons attack Bhagwat’s home and injure him. When Banesh comes back home, he asks regarding Amol Bhagwat tells that he has locked Aamol in the cupboard to protect him.

Banesh titles as “Faster Fene”

Banesh admitted Bhagwat to hospital and brings Amol to the goons location. Thereee he is going away with Aboli, Amol yelled at him calling him a cheater. The goons later come to know that the person they caught is not Amol, but he a Rahul Khamkar, who was the student in place of whom Amol was giving the exam. Rahul is the son of the Education Minister. Banesh manages to show Rahul and Amol’s exposure in front of the media. Banesh follows Appa to the roof and drugs him with his own insulin pen.

Appa and his goons are captured by police along with education minister and other allies.
Bhagwat goes in his room and begins writing his very first novel based on Banesh and titled as “Faster Fene”

Review of Faster Fene

  • Faster Fene is a Marathi mystery, thriller film which is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar.
    The film was produced by Mangesh Kulkarni, Riteish Deshmukh, and Genelia Deshmukh, under the banner of Mumbai Film Company and Zee Studios. The cinematography was done by Milind Jog, and the film was edited by Imran Mahadik and Faisal Mahadik.
  • The film works brightly on different levels and manages to keep thrilled flawless throughout the film, all the actors given them all heart and hard worked for their respective roles performed by them.
  • Banesh who played the role of Banesh in the film he perfectly shows his talent the big screen. The movie keeps you attached all over the film running time.