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Hotel Transylvania Full Movie Download

Hotel Transylvania is a 2018 cartoon-animated and comedy Hollywood movie and The film stars Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, and CeeLo Green have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Peter Baynham and Robert Smigel whereas the movie was released on September 8, 2012.  Below in this article, you can find the details about Hotel Transylvania Full Movie Download and where to Watch Hotel Transylvania Full Movie Online.

Hotel Transylvania Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Written by: Peter Baynham / Robert Smigel
  • Lead Actors:
    • Adam Sandler as Dracula
    • Andy Samberg as Jonathan
    • Selena Gomez as Mavis
    • Kevin James, as Frank/Frankenstein
    • Fran Drescher as Eunice
    • Molly Shannon as Wanda
    • David Spade as Griffin the Invisible Man
    • Steve Buscemi as Wayne
    • CeeLo Green as Murray the Mummy
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Chris Parnell, as Mr. Fly
    • Brian George, as a Suit of Animated Armor
    • Jackie Sandler, as Martha
    • Rob Riggle as Skeleton Husband
    • Paul Brittain as a Zombie Plumber
    • Robert Smigel, as Fake Dracula
  • Producers: Michelle Murdocca
  • Music Director: Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Background Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

Hotel Transylvania Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection$358.4 million

Hotel Transylvania Hit or Flop

Hotel Transylvania is a Superhit Hollywood Cartoon Animated movie for the year 2012. The total Budget of Hotel Transylvania was $85 million against which collected $358.4 Million. Also, Hotel Transylvania has received 7.1/10 on IMDb and it is rated by more than 204,249 users. The Hotel Transylvania was nominated for 17 Categories and out of which won for 1 award on BMI Film and TV Awards for Best Music.

Full Story of Hotel Transylvania Movie

The Five Star Monster Hotel in Transylvania

In the year 1985, the outcome of the death of his wife Martha at the hands of an angry human crowd. Count Dracula commissions and builds an immense five-star monster only hotel in Transylvania, in which he praises his daughter Mavis and to serve as a safe place gateway the world’s monster’s from the terror of human torture. Thereee are so many popular monsters frequently come to stay at the hotel.

Dracula Leaves His Daughter from Palace

Present day, on Mavis’s 118th birthday, Dracula permits his daughter to leave the palace to explore the world of human, but he sets up a complicated plan using his zombie porter pretend as humans to makes them seem frightening, and terrify her, so she will return back to home. The complicated plan work for them, but the zombies accidentally bring on a human Jonathan Loughran back to the hotel.  Dracula furiously costumes him as a monster and passes him off as Frank cousine Johnnystein, Johnny shortly meets Mavis and the two in a form of romantic interest. Not able to get Jonny out of the hotel without notice.

Dracula rapidly creates that Johnny is a party planner, brought into bringing a fresher reach to his own classic and dull parties. Johnny right away becomes famous to the other monsters, but this sickens and troubles Dracula hugely. Dracula tells Johhny to leave but he is brought back by Mavis.

The Human Johnny

In the meantime, the hotel chef Quasimodo, with the support of his pet, comes to know that Johnny is a human and abuct him to cook him. Dracula interferes and magically freezes Quasimodo to keep him from informing anyone that Johhny is a human. Dracula takes Johhny to his room and shows him a painting of Martha, allowing Johhny to understand why Dracula build the hotel and become possessive of her daughter Mavis.

But when Johnny and Mavis share their first kiss Dracula overplays and in his fit of rage by mistake confesses to fooling Mavis with the town. Johhny pretends disinterest in Mavis and rejects her out of respect of her father and leaves the hotel. Mavis goes on to the roof with her mother’s gift’s, and Dracula follows her in faiths of consoling her. Dracula understands he no longer knows human’s true sympathy of monsters, he convinces Frank, Wayne, Griffin, and Murray to head into the human world to support him to find Johhny.

The Celebration of Mavis’s Party

They four goes to the airport. Dracula arrives to see that Johhny’s plane is taking off, and he gives a chase in a bat form, when he gets attention from Johhny, Dracula makes his way to the front of the plane and using his special power on the pilot to help him to say sorry, Johhny accepts his sorry, and Dracula controls the pilot to come back to the Transylvanian airport. Dracula returns Johhny to Mavis, declaring that he approves of Johhny. The monsters complete celebrating Mavis’s party exciting the hotel guest’s.

Review of Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is An Animated Comedy Film.

Parents need to know that this movie is a good opening monster film for children, the monsters are boring, and the story of the film attentions on Dracula as his little daughter Mavis. As she comes of age 188 years. The only extremely scary factors are Dracula’s angry face, which he shows when he gets angry, and the crowd scene that’s put the main role in danger.

Thereee is also a flashback story about her mother which is killed by humans, but this past story handled gracefully. The voiceover artist, Adam Sandler Net Worth has really gone high after doing this movie.

Story Review

Despite the fact that its propositions are much better quality than the performance, this film is just acceptable sufficient to allow for parents. Little children will especially enjoy how safe the monsters are and how adorable the relationship between Dracula and his little girl, Mavis.

Starcast Performance

Gomez is well pitch as an innocent young daughter who just wants a chance to explore the world outside the hotel, and Samberg is like a young unskillful, but a lovely human who ends up taking not only Mavi’s heart but also upholding the entire group of monsters.

The movie Hotel Transylvania is the flawless film to get you in the Halloween feeling. With a combination of over the top delicate comedy. The film is appreciated by all may remember some of the common voices including Salena Gomez as a Mavis, and Adam Sandler as his father Dracula. We surely advise you to watch this film with your children.
The film gets positive responses from critics and as well as from audiences.

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Hotel Transylvania Full Movie Download

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Where to Watch Hotel Transylvania Full Movie Online?

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