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The White Tiger Movie

Based on New York Times’ Bestseller, “The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga, the movie showcases the events that lead to the rise of an Indian driver by the use of his cunningness and shrewdness in a dark yet bold and transparent way. The American drama-film has received positive reviews from the viewers and the critics alike. The movie starts with the protagonist, Balram Halwai writing an email to Wen Jiabao requesting a meet-up with him to relate his life story. Here get you can find The White Tiger Full Movie Download.


The White Tiger Movie Details

As a child, Balram had been good academically that led him to receive a scholarship offer to a school in Delhi. He was even told that he was the “White Tiger ” who was born once in a generation. But as his father couldn’t repay the village landlord, The Stork, he couldn’t study in the school further and had to work in the village’s tea stall. 

The adult Balram wants to become a chauffeur to The Stork’s son, Ashok who returns from the US with his wife Pinky. He is hired as the family’s second driver but to get closer to the couple, he starts blackmailing the first driver using the fact that he was a Muslim, which he had hidden from Ashok, knowing that he hated Muslims, and so he becomes their first driver. The couple shows respect towards him and they get along. But, one night when Pinky and Ashok are heavily drunk and Pinky drives the car and Balram is forced not to, they meet with an accident which results in hurting a child, who eventually dies. Their family now makes Balram sign a confession, which shakes him a bit, Pinky leaves Ashok and asks Balram to emotionally support him. Balram takes advantage of his condition by showing him faux repair receipts and uses the car as an unlicensed taxi. 

The White Tiger Movie Movie plot 

Things start taking an ugly turn as he starts getting terrified by the idea of being replaced and after a series of events he kills Ashok and runs away with his nephew with a lot of money meant for politicians, a warrant is also issued in his name. In the present day, it is shown that Balram has established a private taxi service for call center workers. He treats his drivers as employees and even bears for the losses caused by them. After signing off, it is also revealed that he changed his name from Balram Halwai to Ashok Sharma.

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The White Tiger Full Film Download

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The White Tiger cast 

The White Tiger Release date

It is expected to be a successful film in terms of the collection at the box office given the potential in the star cast.  The film was released on the streaming platform on 22 January, globally. However, it premiered in Las Vegas on 6 January 2021 and was screened at a few movie theatres in the USA on 13 January 2021.