Welcome to the House of Horror Staff page. Please pardon our appearance as we work to whip together bios for all the wonderful ghosts and ghouls that keep this dark sanctuary filled with  refreshing blood-soaked content, but in the meantime...

As we continue to grow, I realize that this once hobby has begun to skyrocket into a full-time job for me. Realizing that for the House to better serve the fans and spread the gospel of horror, we have decided to expand our staff with dedicated individual interested in becoming part of history. So the future for the House of Horror is BRIGHT!!!!

So your asking how can I help? We are currently recruiting for our staff. We are looking for professional, dedicated, individuals who are interested in becoming a part of horror history. Our needs are as follows:

Daily Horror News Correspondents - This person will be reponsible for providing the blood and guts of our ever growing horror news organization. We are looking for dedicated writers that can generate two to three thought provoking news articles a day.  

NYC/LA Horror Correspondents - On many occasions, we get invitations to attend advanced screenings, press junkets, and con in both the NYC and LA markets and all to often must declined because we don't have enough warm (or cold, in this case) bodies to properly cover the scene. We are looking for a few individual in each market that would be able to dedicate their time to covering news in their area. This type of work needs people who have flexible schedules, because most of these events are scheduled at last minute and can occur both during the day and in the evening. These positions offer tremendous opportunities to mingle and interact with both the old guard and upcoming stars as they promote their upcoming work.

Asian Horror Correspondent – This person would report on the very active Asian horror scene. We would expect this person to keep an eye on all things related to Asian Horror, as well as, review the current home video offerings.   

Eurohorror Correspondent - This person would report on the very active eurohorror scene. We would expect this person to keep an eye on all things related to eurohorror, as well as, review the current home video offerings.   

Independent Horror Correspondent – This person would report on the very active  indie horror scene. Here is your chance to help enlighten the fans about the future of horror.   

We are also looking for test editors (to clean up my fragmented sentences and spelling mistakes), graphical artist , flash and html editors.

If you’re interested in doing any of these jobs you need to drop us a line here and tell us why you’re the person for the job.  At this time this is not a job that is going to give you any type of financial satisfaction, but you will be invited to and get to attend numerous screenings and the like.  

We will look over all inquires and may ask you to submit an article or DVD/ Film review, so we can see how you write.  We’re looking to get folks working pretty quickly so don’t hesitate, if you think this is something you would like to do, drop us a line. 

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.



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