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RDX Love Full Movie

RDX Love is a romantic entertainer movie directed by Shankar Bhanu and produced by C Kalyan. The movie cast includes Tejus Kancherla and Payal Rajput are in the main lead roles while Radhan scored music. If you are looking for RDX Love Full Movie Details then you can find the same in the below-mentioned article.

RDX Love Movie Details

Paayal Rajput’s First Look poster from the movie RDX Love

 RDX Love Movie Story

Payal Rajput’s RDX Love billed as a rustic love story, is a mindless sex comedy packed like a cringe-worthy television serial with crass and unsavory jokes in the name of entertainment. The story is all about a village girl, Alivelu (Payal Rajput), who vigorously serves as a campaigner for the government welfare schemes to reach out to the Chief Minister (Nagineedu) to make their villagers dream come true. How she manipulates her way through with the help of a young man (Tejus Kancherla) forms the crux of this convoluted saga.


The film stars Tejus and Paayal Rajput in the lead roles and it is produced by C Kalyan. Paayal Rajput shot to fame with her bold act of lip-to-lip kiss scenes and steamy sex scenes in ‘RX100’ that went on to become sleeper hit last year. However, she has failed to repeat the same magic in her subsequent films.

RDX Love Full Movie Download

Friday Poster Channel had released RDX Love Trailer on YouTube. In fact, the response for the trailer from the Audience is not that great. The Trailer has reached more than 915K views in 1 month, since its release on YouTube.

Well, as you have decided to watch ‘RDX Love’ online, it would be better if you are aware of the various sources available. As we all know, theaters give us the best experience of watching movies, but you are here, means you cannot exercise that option. Do not worry, we will help you in his regard, but we also suggest you stay away from downloading Ram’s love oriented movie from any illegal websites.

Watch RDX Love on Streaming Websites

We have verified there is no availability of RDX Love on any of the legal streaming platforms. Subsequently, we will update you on the locations once we get the updates of where you can watch RDX Love Full Movie Download. But there are many legal streaming websites where you can find the movie legally.

Do not Download RDX Love Full Movie from Illegal Sources

AK Entertainments and C Kalyan have the original digital distribution rights of the movie ‘RDX Love’. But, they have not authorized any websites for providing ‘RDX Love’ download in any form. Hence all the websites providing the RDX Love Full Movie Downloadare violating the Indian Copy Right Law. Also, they are supporting and actively promoting piracy. By indulging with these websites, you are also ending up supporting piracy.

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RDX Love Cast & Crew

Movie NameRDX Love
Release Date11 October 2019
Movie Director(s)Bhanu Shankar
Movie Producer(s)C Kalyan
Production CompanyAK Entertainments
Lead CastPaayal Rajput,
Tejus Kancherla,
VK Naresh,
Aditya Menon,
Tulasi, Aamani,
Mumait Khan