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 By Jonathan Stryker

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Source: Jonathan Stryker

Aug 15, 2011, 11:38 AM

If you're a horror fan with a taste for quick-to-make tasty dishes, I would urge you to check out the new online show Cafe Himbo, hosted by horror film actor Joe Zaso, whose credits includes the enormously popular Timo Rose film BARRICADE, DARKNESS SURROUNDS ROBERTA,  and Timo Rose's BEAST among many others.

Joe Zaso of Cafe Himbo

The premise takes actors and actresses who have appeared in horror films and get them to show you how to make a delicious dish to eat while watching them battle (or run away from) the forces of evil.  The show is currently shot in the apartment of Bryan Norton, film professor at the New York Film Academy in New York City.  In additional to producing the show, Bryan has also directed and released an award-winning short horror film, PENNY DREADFUL.


PENNY DREADFUL stars Betsy Palmer, best known to horror film audiences as Mrs. Voorhees in FRIDAY THE 13th.  His pad is covered with photos and posters of horror films primarily from the 1970's and 1980's and therefore provides the perfect backdrop to the business at hand. 

When asked how the idea for the show began, Joe replied, "It was this past winter and I was in between projects.  I was in the middle of cooking, which is something that I like to do when I am not doing other things, and I was inspired by Jessica Harper's Crabby Cook Cookbook.  At one point I decided that I was going to have a cooking blog to share recipes, and then I decided to create a Facebook fan page, and then I thought, Well, why not give it a name?  I've always been called a horror himbo, kind of a play on the word "bimbo," and then the name of Cafe Himbo was suggested.  Then someone else said that I should do a video to go along with it, where I prepare dishes with genre people, and it kind of fell into place shooting it at Bryan's.  It has had its share of growing pains, but it kind of encompasses everything that I have been doing over the last few years.  I used to do cooking demos for people to supplement my income. "

Joe Zaso

In addition to preparing dishes, the show features lighthearted banter between Joe and his guests, with references to the movies that the guests have appeared in.  Each episode runs about 20 minutes in length.  Joe continues, "On the Facebook page, we also have the recipes for the dishes that the guests have made, that way you can see them and download them easily." 

The first two episodes of the show are available to see on Bryan Norton's Vimeo page as well as on the series' official Facebook page.  Episode one features actress Catherine Mary Stewart, whom genre fans know as the sales girl in NIGHTHAWKS, Regina in NIGHT OF THE COMET, Maggie, Lance Guest's girlfriend in THE LAST STARFIGHTER, and Miranda in NIGHTFLYERS.  However, Joe's favorite movie of Catherine's is the futuristic musical from 1980 called THE APPLE. 

Catherine Mary Stewart

Episode two features Rutanya Alda who played the mother in AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION.

Rutanya Alda

"Basically," Joe continues, "we want people to see the show and leave their comments on the Facebook page.  This is something for everyone to really have fun with."

Future episodes will feature the following personalities:

Geretta Geretta (Rosemary from DEMONS)

Geretta Geretta

Bobby Rhodes (Tony the Pimp and Hank the Body Builder from DEMONS and DEMONS 2, respectively)

Bobby Rhodes


Lesleh Donaldson

Lesleh Donaldson

Lesleh Donaldson, Jonathan Stryker and Bryan Norton

Robyn Sherwood (Eileen in TOURIST TRAP)

Robyn Sherwood

Desiree Gould and Karen Fields (both from SLEEPAWAY CAMP)

Desiree Gould

Karen Fields

Joe will also appear himself with scream queen Raine Brown.


Eat your heart out, Rachel Ray! 


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