2021 Tamil Anbirkiniyal Full Movie Download Online

Anbirkiniyal Full Movie Download

Anbirkiniyal is a Tamil thriller movie, this is a remake of the Malayalam film Helen. The Tamil version directed by Gokul. The movie stars Keerthi Pandian, Arun Pandian and
Praveen Raja. Arun Pandian and Keerthi Pandian are the real father and daughter while the child role of Keerthi is played by her niece Driya. The movie music was composed by Javed Riaz. The film was released in theaters on March 5th, 2021. You can watch the film online on Prime Video,  as you are a subscriber to watch the movie streaming on the OTT platform.

Movie Details :

Anbirkiniyal, aka Anbu, is a chirpy girl, a perpetual smile on her face, an optimistic spark in her eyes, caring deeply for neighbors and complete strangers alike, she looks after her dad bad habits reprimanding for cigarette smoking, counting his beverages, etc.


Anbirkiniyal Plot

‘Anbirkiniyaal’ has to do with a twenty-five-year-old nurse who is aiming to go to Canada to solve money problems faced by her father Sivan (Arun Pandian) her entire world revolved around her father and to make ends fulfill she even uses up another task as a burger joint salesgirl. On a fateful day, Anbu and her daddy have a small argument after he learns more about her love affair. Things turn far worse when she gets caught inside a freezer space and the rest of the screenplay has to do with whether Anbirkiniyaal survives or not and whether the daddy and daughter would get an opportunity to see each other again.

Movie Story

Sivam, Anbu’s daddy, is a normal man, who is nearly useless in discovering his daughter. Charles, her lover, is equally regular and inefficient. They have no superpower to find her, except their earnestness, the only thing that makes us root for them. The store supervisor is a caricature, for the most part sensible. The cop intoxicated on power is irritating, however believable.

the second half is her struggling, attempting one trick after another to make it through. Her desperation palpable there is a point where she practically consumes frozen chicken. And her pain gut-wrenching. Keerthy Pandian shines in some of these scenes. In fact, Anbu doesn’t spin a wonder and save herself .she just persists and stays alive.

Anbirkiniyal Full Movie Download

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 Movie Review

Anbirkiniyal is a good sentiment movie. The world that all life produces is life-affirming imperfect however in balance. Anbirkiniyal is a wonderful story of a survivor. One that uses hope that with a little effort, all can be good worldwide.

Siva and Anbu the duo’s efficiency become a sort of stumbling to the passionate center. It is uncommon to see the caring daddy and daughter oversell their chemistry in front of the camera.

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