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Gulabjaam Full Movie Download

Gulabjaam is a family drama and comedy 2019 Marathi movie is based on Sweetness of Family and couple. Siddharth Chandekar and Sonali Kulkarni have played the lead roles in this movie. This movie was released on 16 February 2018 and mad under the production banner of Zee Studios and A Golden Gate Motion Pictures. Below in this article, you can find the details about Gulabjaam Full Movie Download and where to Watch Gulabjaam Full Movie Online.

Gulabjaam Movie Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Sachin Kundalkar
  • Written by: Sachin Kundalkar / Tejas Modak
  • Lead Actors:
    • Siddharth Chandekar
    • Sonali Kulkarni
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Madhura Deshpande
    • Chinmay Udgirkar
    • Mahesh Ghag
    • Mohanabai
    • Priya Bapat
  • Producers: Vinod Malgewar / Vishal Chordia
  • Music: Debarpito Saha / Thaikkudam Bridge
  • Cinematography: Milind Jog

Gulabjaam Trailer

Gulabjaam Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
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Day 3TBA
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Total CollectionTBA

Gulabjaam Hit or Flop

The budget and Box Office Collection of Gulabjaam is not yet updated anywhere but Gulabjaam was successfully running in theaters for more than 50 days. Hence Gulabjaam Marathi Language movie has been considered for the year 2018 and also nominated for 2019 Oscar Award in Language category movie. Gulabjaam has received a very good rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb.

Story of Gulabjaam

Aditya and NRI Banker

The movie revolves around Aditya (Siddharth Chandekar) who is living with his family, he is a banker by profession an NRI banker and he returned from London. now his parents want him to go back to London for his job but Aditya is no more interested in banking job now. He is passionate about cooking and his dream is to become a good chef and open his own restaurant. But his family and parents are not aware of his dream and he can’t tell them the truth as everyone wants him to go back to London and resume his banking job. So Aditya makes a plan instead of going back to London he goes to Pune and lies to his family that he is going to London for his job.

Aditya’s Struggle

Now Aditya reaches Pune and wants to learn authentic vegetarian Maharashtrian cooking and for that, he is trying to find someone who can teach him. In Pune, he goes to different restaurants and eats there and if he like the food he requests to meet the chef who made the food but he fails to do so. He reads cooking books and once he meets an old lady whose cooking book he read and tells her that he read her book but the old lady rebukes him and says doesn’t he has any work? and he has to leave from there. But this didn’t stop him and he continues his search.

Aditya Meets Radha

One day usually Aditya eating his food and after eating that food especially Gulabjaam he goes to nostalgia and likes it so much that he decides that now he wants to learn cooking from the person who has made this food. He inquired about the person who made it and it is found that a lady name Radha( Sonali Kulkarni) has made that food. Aditya manages to get her residential address and reaches there to meet Radha.

Radha is known as a very stubborn and rude kind of person who doesn’t talk to anyone and even doesn’t meet anyone. Aditya reaches outside her house and knocks on the door several times but no one is opening the door but finally, the door gets open and its Radha at the door, as she is living alone. But Radha as a usual scold and yells at Aditya and tells him not to knock the door again and leave from there. He tries to tell her why he came there but she rebukes her.

Aditya Convinced Radha

Aditya starts going to her home daily in order to convince her to make him her student and teach him cooking but Radha daily rebukes him ignores him but he continues to convince her. Finally, she agrees to teach him. But after agreeing also she is not treating him good. She tells him that cooking doesn’t mean only making food it includes other works also like buying vegetables and cleaning dishes and utensils also and takes every work for him and he is happy doing that. In the process of Radha’s life changes, she started smiling and she develops likings for Aditya and both of them become very good friends in the short span of time. But Aditya he bit disappointed as Radha is not teaching him the main cooking and he keep asking Radha when she will teach him and she keeps ignoring.

Aditya and Radha Started New Business

Here Radha and Aditya became good friends and started a cooking service called Dial A Chef, in which they visits people’s houses and cook meals for them and started earning good money and their relationship becomes more strong. But now Adita is in dilemma and very confused about shall he tell his family about this or not? He wants to reveal his plan and dream to his family that he wants to open his own restaurant but afraid of his family’s reaction. Once Aditya’s girlfriend Neha (Madhura Deshpande) comes to know that Aditya is in Pune and she confronts him and tells him to go back to London and pursue the banking career loan.

Radha Gets Angry

Meanwhile, Adita comes to know that Radha has suffered a long eleven years coma and after that, the only thing she remembers is cooking. But when Radha comes to know about Aditya’s girlfriends wants him to go back to London she gets very upset and angry and doesn’t want him to go and she started liking him. She also expressed her anger to Aditya but later she realized she is wrong she should allow him to go to London as it is his life and his dream.WIll Aditya go back to London or will stay in India and continue working with Radha?

Review of Gulabjaam

Directed by Sachin Kundalkar Gulaabjaam is a comedy movie. Must watch the movie for everyone even Non-Maharashtrians should watch it. For lovely n tempting Maharashtrian delicacies… Outstanding performances by Sonali Kulkarni n Siddharth Chandekar.. not a typical movie story that we watch. beautifully done. Slowly and steadily each n every character unfolds n takes to a different kingdom.. realm.. In short, a very matured love story between the 3 lead characters.

Sonali, Siddharth n Maharashtrian delicacies… mind-blowing movie.. just loved it. Sonali Kulkarni’s Radha Agarkar touches you and leaves you teary-eyed. Siddharth Chandekar is sweet as Aditya, the Maharashtrian boy from London who wants Radha to teach him how to cook Maharashtrian food. I like how the entire movie revolves around food. The relationship between Radha and Aditya is portrayed wonderfully. Thereee are plenty of moments from Gulabjam that stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre.

Music Review

Debarpito Saha and Thaikkuddam Bridge are the music directors of the movie. Thereee are seven Marathi songs in the movie sung by different singers

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