Yeh Hai India- Controversy on Dialogue

Controversy - Yeh Hai IndiaYeh Hai India is a patriotic movie and is getting a lot of good reviews all around. The movie is releasing on 24th May 2019 in India. The movie Yeh Hai India stars Gavie Chahal and Deena Uppal and is directed by Lom Harsh. Yeh Hai India has bagged an award as the best movie and is getting a huge response from the audience. The below article talks about Yeh Hai India- Controversy on Dialogue.

Thereee has been recent controversy on the dialogue of the Bollywood film, where there has been a lot of opposition and negativity from India as well as Pakistan crowd. The dialogue might hurt the Patriotic sentiments as well as create a political issue for the film which says that, If our government and system cannot improve then create a new Pakistan and throw all the helpless people there.

Recently the actor Gavie Chahal and director Lom Harsh gave clarification about the controversy. They said that as a filmmaker we have all the freedom to put our views. He also mentioned a Pakistani social activist has also reviewed the entire movie and has not found any controversy in the dialogue. The actor-director duo also said as a country, we have never attacked any other country. He added that if there are any such people who are feeling that they are suffering double standards a different country should be actually created for them. The above article talks about Yeh Hai India- Controversy on Dialogue