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Fidaa Full Movie Download

Fidaa is a 2017 romantic Telugu movie directed by Shekhar Kammula. Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi have played the lead roles in this movie. Fidaa movie was released on 21 July 2017 across the globe with decent openings. The Movie has received very good mouth publicity, its collections on the second and third day have more than doubled compared to the first day. This 2015 Box Office super hit is well received by both audience and critics equally Below in this article, you can find the details about Fidaa Full Movie Download and where to Watch Fidaa Full Movie Online.

Fidaa Full Movie Download

Thereee are many legal streaming websites to find Fidaa Full Movie Download. Also, you can download offline from those websites. Moreover, we will request you not to download Fidaa Full Movie Download from any of the Illegal Websites.

Fidaa Full Movie Download In Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers an illegal website has Fidaa full movie in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi Malayalam, and Bengali languages in 480p and 720p which has crossed multiple downloads and has caused huge losses to the movie creators. this a major issue for the people connected with the film industry as it can result in a lot of people losing their daily bread butter as this their only source of income. Fidaa full movie download Tamilrockers.

Fidaa Full Movie Download

Fidaa Full Movie Download Filmywap

Another illegal website Filmywap supports piracy and hence, Fidaa was leaked for download. In fact, Fidaa full movie download on Filmyzilla in 720P, as well as 1080P, was available. This brought the attention of all the users and in a few minutes, thousands of downloads were done which affected the collections of the film and also affected a lot of people associated with the film industry.

Fidaa Full Movie Download Movierulz

Movierulz is another illegal website that has leaked the film Fidaa full movie download on Movierulz in different resolutions making it difficult for the legal websites who have acquired the rights to show the movie or download the film at nominal charges from users for the subscription.

Full Movie Download WapWon

Another illegal website WapWon has leaked Fidaa Full Movie Download online on WapWon in 480P, 720P, and 1080P which is a huge loss for the people associated with the film due to Fidaa Full Movie Download in WapWon was available illegally and should be avoided to download as it affects a lot of lives connected to the film industry.

Watch Fidaa Full Movie Online

Thereee are several platforms on the internet that allow you to Watch Fidaa Full Movie Online. Also, these platforms are legal and work as per the Copyright Law. Not only that, but you also get several options to Watch Fidaa Full Movie Online.

  • If you want to watch Fidaa Full Movie for free, then you can watch it on Viu.
  • Also, there are other legal streaming platforms like Google Play Movies and iTunes, that will provide Fidaa Movie for rent.
  • Apart from that, for those who have Amazon Prime Subscription charges can watch Fidaa Full movie Online on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Fidaa movie is also available on Youtube at a charge as low as 25rs.

Fidaa Movie Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Shekhar Kammula
  • Written by: Shekhar Kammula
  • Lead Actors:
    • Varun Tej as Varun
    • Sai Pallavi as Bhanumati
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Raja Chembolu as Raju, Varun’s elder brother
    • Saranya Pradeep as Renuka, Bhanumati’s elder sister
    • Aryan Talla as Bujji, Varun’s younger brother
    • Sai Chand as the father of Bhanumati and Renuka
  • Producers: Dil Raju / Sirish
  • Music: Shakthikanth Karthick
  • Background Music: J.B.

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Fidaa Box Office Collection Update

  • Fidaa Movie Box Office Collections 1st Day 1.60 Cr
  • Fidaa Movie Box Office Collections on 1st week 4.52 Cr
  • Fidaa Movie Box Office Collections On 2nd Week 1.89 Cr
  • Fidaa Movie Box Office Collections On 3rd Week 0.63 Cr
  • Fidaa Movie Collections Overall Day-wise 10 Cr
  • Fidaa Movie Box Office Collections World Wide 17 Cr

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— Antha Sharwa Valle (@Vijayawaits1) February 21, 2020

Fidaa Hit or Flop

Fidaa is considered as the Bahubali among small movies. It has grossed more than 50 Crore at the Box Office with a budget of 12 crores, making 4 times. Till recently, Fidaa stood in the top 10 of the highest-grossing Telugu Movies at the US Box Office. The Movie although it has an IM DB rating of 7.6 out of 10, was liked by the audience very much. It has the second-best repeat rate after Bahubali among Television Audience. Fidaa the debut movie of the talented actress Sai Pallavi, had launched her career superbly. She became one of the superstars with this movie. All in all, we can consider this movie as a Superhit movie.

Fidaa Movie Story

This Story is about two young people with conflicting life objectives falling in love, breaking apart, hating each other and then falling in love again, finally one of them sacrificing for other so that they can live together. Also, this story raises the fundamental question in the minds of crores of Indian Girls that why should a Girl leave her Birth Place, her friends, and her family when she gets married? Why can not she pursue her life or career in her native place as boys can do?

Varun lives in the US with his Two Brothers

Varun (Varun Tej) lives in the USA with his two brothers, one younger and one elder. He is doing Graduation in Medical and Plans for his Post Graduation in the US, which is the Wish of his later Mother. Both his Mother and Father are expired and his Brother Raju takes care of the Family. Raju is a Software Engineer, while Varun’s younger brother Bujji is in his School. One day, Varun and Bujji tell Raju that it is high time for him to get married. They look for a bride in Matrimony website and finds Renuka’s Profile interesting as she mentions that Caste is not a criterion. Also, the date of Birth of Renuka and their mother is the same. So Varun tells Raju to go and meet has as his sixth sense is telling it would be a perfect match for Raju.

Renuka’s Family and the Match Making

Renuka is a post-graduate in MA with a Gold Medal and lives with her Father, Attayya (Father’s Sister) and her Younger Sister Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi). Bhanumathi is doing her B.Sc in Agriculture and wants to settle in her native place only. Raju meets Renuka and finds her a soft-spoken with the ability to take care of his young family. But Raju could not make a decision himself as he came alone and informs Renuka’s father that he wants a second opinion from his Brother Varun. Though the family does not like the response from Raju, they understand and says okay, but Bhanumati being a very aggressive girl gets angry about it and forms a bad opinion about Raju and his family.

Fidaa Movie Story

Varun comes to India to help his brother make his decision, Bhanumathi goes to Railway station to pick Varun. Both of them gets impressed by each other in their first looks, but on the way to Bahnumathi’s Home, Varun finds Bhanumati reserved, arrogant and unfriendly though her argument about the second opinion seems correct from her Viewpoint.

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But over time, Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi) is awed by Varun’s Good Behavior and his charms. They started to spend time together during the wedding and falls for each other. Bhanumathi plans to propose to Varun and Ask him to stay in India. On the day when she is going to express her love to him, she overhears him talking to another girl about marriage and misjudges him. She will then completely avoids him, but Varun could not understand the reason.  After the Satyanarayana Vratam is finished, Varun moves to the US, but could not forget her. He proposes Bhanumathi, but Bahnumati rejects him as she is under a wrong impression about him.

Not able to control her love and hate on Varun, Bhanumathi agrees for a marriage proposal so that she can stay in her village and take care of her father.

Bhanumati travels to the US

Meanwhile, Renuka gets pregnant and the doctors suggest she needs bed rest. Banumathi has to travel to the US to support her sister. Varun faces Bhanumathi every day and could not control his feelings. One day they fight and Banumathi tells her sister that she wants to leave to India as her sister gets well. They all agree, but Banumathi’s Friend in the US calls her and demands to visit her for a week. Raju asks Varun to drop Banumathi at her friends’ place. Varun and Banumathi again fight on the way, then Banumathi confronts Varun that he is doing all this because she has rejected him.

Varun says no, and tells her that he still loves her, then they decided to move on and befriends as her marriage is already fixed. During the next few days, Varun takes Banumathi over Austin, Texas to show his world like she had taken care of him when he was in India. They again fall in Love, but Banumathi has to come back to India.

What happens later is the crux of the story and you better know it by Watching the movie.

Fidaa Full Movie Download

Everything is Natural and Realistic

The entertainers, the composition, the scenes, the setup… everything is characteristic and practical. At the point when the entertainers talk, you don’t feel they are mouthing exchanges. We hear the ‘discussion’ (which is uncommon in Telugu film). Thereee is innate great naturalness in the story and it has turned out onto the screen too. Varun resembles some other the present youth, Bhanumathi is the solid willed young lady. Once in a while, we see such champions on the Telugu screen. She is clever, gallant, and has solid sentiments, yet delicate in issues of the heart. Sekar Kammula’s composing merits a significant part of the credit here.

He has shaped her character with so much consideration. Story-wise, he has not endeavored anything besides rather recounted to the well-known story delightfully. Fidaa is a standout amongst the most authentic movies in the ongoing past and it will without doubt awe the specialty group of onlookers. It may not interest the mass group of onlookers because of its moderate-paced screenplay. It ought to do well in the broad market and in urban communities. Varun’s hang tight for a hit is at long last finished. Go watch it.


On the drawback, it is excessively long and a few sections in the second half are not taken care of legitimately. Likewise, the peak part appears to be rushed. Be that as it may, these weaknesses don’t make a difference much. The film totally has a place with Sai Pallavi. Despite the fact that it is her presentation motion picture in Telugu, the entertainer with the normal excellence has given her best in the job of a solid energetic Telangana young lady Bhanumathi. She is very normal in her appearances and what’s more she has the Telangana complement right (she named her very own voice). She takes the show through and through. At the point when she’s doing the job, you barely center around different characters. The lead actor is fair in this character.

Fidaa Movie Review

Direction Review

As an author and chief, Sekhar Kammula has demonstrated by and by that his best comes when he makes a sentimental story. His exchanges are so conversational. He has made this an individual film. Fidaa is a brand Sekhar Kammula film that is centered around characters and minutes then on the story and screenplay. Sekhar completed a brilliant activity in drawing the characters. Bhanumathi character is novel and effectively the best fleshed-out character in the film. Indeed, even Varun’s character is charming and beguiling. Introductory setup is too great that the film breezes off in the principal hour even without numerous melodies.

Performance Review

Among different entertainers, senior on-screen character Sharanya who did the job of Sai Pallavi’s sister and Sai Chand is very great. Raja as Varun’s sibling has additionally worked superbly. Sathyam Rajesh creates some great giggles. Executive Tarun Bhaskar’s (of Pelli Choopulu popularity) mother as auntie makes her imprint. My own fav from this sound collection (created by Shakthikanth Karthick ) is Oosupodu Oorukodu and strikingly, it additionally turns out be the best one on-screen through different tunes like Vachinde and Edo Jarugutondi are great as well. Vijay C Kumar has caught the regions of Bhanswada in Telangana and the US luxuriously. Altering is perfect despite the fact that the pace is somewhat moderate in the second half.

Music Review

Telugu Music by Shakti Kanth Karthik is a benefit. Two or three tunes are fabulous chartbusters and the foundation score is great. Cinematography is superb. Vijay catches the greenery in Telangana town and the glory of American areas without hardly lifting a finger.