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Sathru Full Movie Download

Sathru is a 2019 action and thriller Tamil movie and The film star Kathir and Srushti Dange have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Naveen Nanjundan, whereas the movie will be released on March 8, 2019. Below in this article, you can find the details about Sathru Full Movie Download and where to Watch Sathru Full Movie Online.

Sathru Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Naveen Nanjundan
  • Written by: Naveen Nanjundan
  • Lead Actors:
    • Kathir as Kathiresan
    • Srushti Dange as Darshini
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Laguparan as Prabhakaran
    • Ponvannan as Kathiresan’s father
    • G. Marimuthu as S. Sankara Lingam IPS
    • Suja Varunee as Kasthuri
    • Pawan as Viswa, Kathiresan’s brother
    • Neelima Rani as Kathiresan’s sister-in-law
  • Producers: Raghukumar / Raja Ratnam / Sritharan
  • Music: Amresh Ganesh / Surya
  • Background Music: Prasadh.R

Sathru Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total CollectionRs.2.02 Cr


Sathru Hit or Flop

Sathru movie is not got successful in Box Office Collection and collected on Rs.2.02 Cr. Hence Sathru movie is not considered as Hit on Box Office Collection. Also, Sathru movie has received a good rating of 6.4/10 on IMDb. At the time of released Sthru Movie is expected to collect more than RS.25 Cr on Box Office Collection but some manage to collected on Rs.2.02.

Story of Sathru

Kathiresan An Honest Cop

The movie begins with a police officer Kathiresan, who is a very honest and righteous officer as well as very efficient in his work. He can’t bear dishonest and lairs. His honesty towards his duty and work makes him very cruel and brutal with criminals and culprits. His this kind of behavior and approach and his harsh way of investigation is not liked by his seniors and colleagues. Kathiresan’s father is an ex-military officer and his elder sibling Viswa is also in the army Kathiresan’s family consist of his father brother, sister in law and his niece, Shruthi. Darshani is his girlfriend who is an end of her sister in law.

Prabhakaran a Spoiled Brat

Here comes the Prabahkaran in the story. He is a young boy who is very evil-minded and lives with his friends in Madurai. And in order to earn money, he and his friends used to kidnap kids and then ask for ransom for their families and this became their business. Once Prabhakaran and his friends kidnap the son of a rich man name Mahendra and on the other hands, they have also kidnap a kid of a poor man. And they demanded five crores from both of them. Mahendra has direct contacts with commissioner so he informed him about the kidnap. And due to the delay by police, the poor man’s kid lost his life hence Mahendra decides to give the ransom money to the kidnapper.

The Kidnap

Meanwhile, Prabhakar tells Kathir to hand over the money to a lady in the compartment of the train. Kathir sees a lady with a child and gives money to them and he gets into the next compartment. A guy slaps a lady and takes the money and go away from there. Here Kathir finds himself in a flat where he killed a guy name Kutty hence he saves money and kid too. But sadly even after saving both money and kid, he got suspended for shooting the culprit.

Shruthi Gets Hit By Prabha

Now Prabha and his friends are very angry with Kutty’s death and decide to take revenge from Kathir. So Prabha hits Shruthi while she is returning back from school to home. Shruthi was taken to hospital and Prabha’s men come in the hospital to kill them all but unable to kill them because of Kathir’s presence. Prabha kills Kathir’s two friends.

Prabha Kills Kathir’s Father

Here Prabha trying to kill everyone from Kathir’s family even parents of his sister in law but they were saved by Kathir. Kathir sees a boy who was on the train with that lady and realizes that he is not her son he is a pickpocket. He brings that boy to find that lady her name is Kasturi but her flat was vacant. Meanwhile, Prabha kills his father and hide this from his family and tells them to be at the hospital only. Kathir’s friend Arun got killed on road and Prathiban’s son got kidnapped. Kathir tracks that it is Prabha’s gang.

Kathir Finds Kasturi

The kidnap boy is with Kasturi and she hides him on a beach flat. Prabha and his friends are also there on the beach flat. Hence Kathir tells the pickpocket to keep an eye on them, and here Viswa got stabbed but survived. Eventually, Kathir manages to chase them all and kill them.

Review of Sathru

Directed and written by Naveen Nanjundan and produced by Raghukumar, Raja Ratnam, and Sritharan Sathru is an action thriller movie. Nice plot. Actor Kathir’s acting was extraordinary. This story explains the hardships faced by every policeman in their day to day life. This movie is the best thriller and crime film. The opposite team and the policeman team have a great conflict with themselves which was very interesting and nice to watch. You can watch with your family because there are no unwanted scenes.

Starcast Performance 

Kathir is a young smart looking actor who started his career in 2013 and after that, he was appreciated by everyone from critic also. He proved his acting skills from his very first movie Madha Yaanai Koottam. Since then he didn’t look back and working sincerely and getting love from people.

Srushti Dange is a young promising actress who started her career in 2011 with side role but soon she gained popularity and started doing main roles.

Music Review

Amresh Ganesh is the music composer of the movie. In Sathru Movie you will get three songs only which is sung by Suchitra Karthik Kumar, Amresh, Tippu, Sarath Santosh, and Nancy.

Watch Sathru Online

You can watch Sathru Full Movie Online after Jun’2019 on Legal streaming websites as Sathru is a recently released in 2019. It is always better to watch movies from legal streaming websites to enjoy a good quality of sounds and pictures without any disturbance.

In below mentioned we have shortlisted few legal streaming websites where Sathru Full Movie Online is expected to available.

  • Hungama
  • Youtube Movies
  • MXPlayer
  • HOOQ

Sathru Full Movie Download 

If you are looking for Sathru Full Movie Download then you will get on many websites but all these websites are illegal. Because of the production of Sathru RT Infinity Deal, they have not authorized any websites to provide Sathru Full Movie Download. As Per copyright law, it is considered a punishable crime if you caught while downloading or sharing movies. We request you to stay away from these websites and do not support piracy.

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Watch Sathru Full Movie On TV

Sathru Full Movie on TV will be available to watch after 3-4 months from its theater release. However, the production of Sathru has given the rights to satellite for the broadcasting. You can get the details of the TV Channels telecasting Sathru Full Movie once available from this location.