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Mersal Full Movie Download

Mersal is 2017 one of the most action Tamil movie, in the lead roles, are Vijay, Nithya Menen, Samantha, and Kajal Aggarwal. The movie was released on 18 October 2017 and the Mersal movie was 2017 Box Office super hit is well received by both audience and critics equally. Below in this article, you can find the details about Mersal Full Movie Download and where to Watch Mersal Online.

Mersal Movie Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Atlee
  • Written by: Atlee
  • Lead Actors:
    • Vijay as Vetrimaaran / Maaran / Vetri
    • Nithya Menen as Aishwarya Vetrimaaran, as Vetrimaaran’s wife
    • Samantha as Tara, as Maaran’s love interest
    • Kajal Aggarwal as Anu Pallavi as Vetri’s love interest
  • Supporting Actors:
    • S. J. Surya as Daniel Arockiyaraj
    • Vadivelu as Vadivu, Maran’s compounder and Vetri’s assistant
    • Sathyaraj as DC Rathnavel
  • Producers: N. Ramasamy / Hema Rukmani / H. Murali
  • Music: A. R. Rahman 
  • Background Music: Qutub-E-Kripa

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Mersal Box Office Collection Update

Day 1₹ 50.20 Crores
Day 2₹ 33.00 Crores
Day 3₹ 20.02 Cr
Day 4₹ 25.18 Cr
Day 5₹ 18.5 Cr
Day 6₹ 42.30 Cr
Day 7₹ 15.50 Cr
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹ 251.60 Cr


Mersal Hit or Flop

Mersal movie Box Office Collection was quite awesome and on the 1st day, it has collected 50 Cr. In fact, the total box collection for the movie is Rs.251.60 Cr, whereas the movie was made with a budget of 120 Cr. Considering the budget and Box office collection, Mersal is a blockbuster movie.

Story of Mersal

Mysterious Kidnappings

In Tamil Nadu, a surgeon, a medical broker, an ambulance driver, and a hospital HR were suspiciously kidnapped by someone and all kidnappings have been done at dawn. Hence Tamil Nadu police get alerts by all kidnappings and Ratnavel, a police officer caught the suspect. While Ratnavel interrogating the suspect started revealing his purpose behind the kidnappings.

A Killer Magic Show

A doctor named Maaran, popularly known as Rs.5 doctor and in actual also he charges the same amount from his patients. He goes to attend the medical seminar in Paris with his compounder Vadivu only to be mistaken due to his cultural identity at Paris airport. After the seminar due to some indifference between him and Arjun Zachariah, another doctor from Chennai Maaran gets displeased with him. But he develops romantic feelings with his assistance Annu Pallavi and she also started liking him.

Hence Maaran invites Annu and Zachariah to his magic show and in that magic show, unfortunately, Zachariah got killed while a magic trick performed on him as a volunteer. His friend and fellow doctor Daniel got shocked by the incident.

Maaran Falls in Love Again

Here Maaran returned to Chennai and once again falls in love with a media anchor Tara. A daughter of an auto driver once met with an accident and rushed to the hospital for treatment as her condition is critical but the doctors and staff delayed in her treatment due to their greed and it resulted in her death and her mother committed suicide. The responsible if this incident has been kidnapped, tortured and then got killed.

Daniel Trapped Maaran

Here Daniel concluding the incidents and trapped Maaran but he was badly beaten up by his brother Vetri. Vetri caught by police after he switches his place with unconscious Maaran. Later he reveals that he is responsible for Zachariah murder in Paris during the magic show as a magician for his inhuman approach to his noble profession. Here Daniel comes to know that Maaran holds Tara and Sarala as hostage hence he tries to trace Vetri’s location and traces Vadivu and confronts Vetri, and then he reveals the whole narration how both of them are linked to each other.

A Village Wrestler

A village wrestler named Vetrimaaran in the late 70’s got married to Aishwarya and living in Manoor with their newborn baby boy. Later he approached who are willing to build industries to prevent fire accidents which result in deaths due to the absence of hospitals. Zachariah and Daniel both were made chief and owners of the hospital. The hospital soon became famous for its free medical treatment for all but Daniel and Zachariah both are greedy and started wrongdoings with their profession.

When Aishwarya was in labor with his second child both of them performed cesarean on her as she can give birth to a child normally also. As result, Aishwarya dies due to an overdose of sedation and the child declared as stillborn. But Vetrimaaran didn’t know the reason of her death but after knowing the reason he tries to kill both the doctors but beaten to death by Kasi Daniel’s henchman but before dying he saved Maaran and placed him in the lorry.

A Magician

Here Vetri didn’t turn out as stillborn and adopted by a Magician Salim Ghosh. He taught him all magic tricks while growing up. Vetri and Maaran reconcile and police arrested Vetri and Daniel confronts Vetri in police custody and reveal that actually, he is Maaran who switched their place before police arrived. Maaran Drives and fights with Daniel and then both Vetri and Maaran killed Kasi And Daniel. Vetri got arrested and declares that he will continue the process of cleaning the corruption. Maaran became a renowned medical Counsellor.

Review of Mersal

Directed by Atlee produced by N. Ramasamy, Hema Rukmani and H. Murali Marsel in an action thriller Tamil movie. The thrill in the movie will keep in busy in concentrating throughout the movie though it is story of twins brother which is not a new topic but screenplay is superb along with story which will connect you to the movie till the end and you will also feel connected as it also includes the social message of increasing corruption in country. Overall the movie is must watch and will give you a message at the end and definitely will entertain you also. Director has done the fabulous job to portray these kinds of character so beautifully.

Starcast Performance

Vijay, what an actor and performer he is. The blockbuster and highly professional superstar of Tamil movie industry have played three characters in the movie and the whole movie revolves around him only. In all the three characters he is looking different as different individuals. He rocks in all the three roles. Even not for a single moment, you will get bored by seeing him in the three characters this is a sign of a wonderful actor. Watching him is a visual treat to eyes always.

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Screenwriter and Production

S J Surya an actor as well as screenwriter, producer, music composer. He worked in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil industry is a wonderful actor. He has done more than justice to his character of Daniel here in this movie. His dialogues in the movie are too good ad his acting is creating more impact to the dialogues.

Music Review

The non-other than A R Rahman is the music the movie and his music always as high as the sky and touches the soul. In every song, he gives us the reason to love his music. The background score is also given by the living legend himself. There are total 4 songs in movie sung by Sid Sriram, Shweta Mohan, G V Prakash Kumar, Naresh Iyer, Kailash Kher, Satyaprakash and one song sung by the legend A R Rahman himself “ Neethanea”.

Mersal Full Movie Download

Mersal Full movie is already Telecasted in TV channels across India. Also, Mersal Full movie is available on some legal streaming websites to watch. In fact, Thenandal Studio Limited, the production house of Mersal haven’t authorized any of the websites to allow Mersal Full Movie download.

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Say No to Websites providing Mersal Full Movie Download

As per the Indian Copyright Law, it is a crime to download or watch Mersal or any movies from illegal websites. If you are caught while sharing, downloading, or watching Mersal Movie, as a result, you will be punished as the law. Hence, we request never to download Mersal Full movie from unauthorized websites.

Watch Mersal Full Movie Online

For those, who are looking to Watch Mersal Full movie online, might get happy to know that, Mersal Full Movie is available for free. As of now, only Hotstar is proving Mersal Full Movie free.

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