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Parava Full Movie Download

Parava is a 2017 Malayalam movie starring Amal Shah and Govind Pai. Directed by Soubin Shahir and produced by Shyju Unni with Anwar Rasheed. Released on 21 Sep 2017. The movie is about the pigeon race which is common in Kerala. The Parava is directed and written by Soubin Shahir. Below in this article, you can find the details about Parava Full Movie Download and where to Watch Parava Full Movie Online.

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Parava Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Soubin Shahir
  • Written by: Soubin Shahir
  • Lead Actors:
    • Amal Shah
    • Govind Pai
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Manaal Sheeraz
    • Shane Nigam
    • Dulquer Salmaan
  • Producers: Anwar Rasheed, Shyju Unni
  • Music: Rex Vijayan
  • Background Music: Rex Vijayan

Parava Box Office Collection Update

Day 12.64 Cr
Day 21.92 Cr
Day 32.29 Cr
Day 42.25 Cr
Day 51.13 Cr
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total CollectionRS.25 Cr


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Parava Hit or Flop

Parava is the Biggest Blockbuster Malayala movie for the year 2017 and made with love budget and collected Rs.25 Cr Worldwise. Hence Parava is considered as a blockbuster and received a good rating of 8.2/10 from IMDB and it is rated by more than 2.5k users. The Parava is successfully completed 30 days in theaters and that it gets off from theaters.

Parava Movie Story

The Life of Two Young Boys

The story of the film starts in Mattancherry and spins around the life of two young boys, in other words, Irshad aka “Ichappai” and Haseeb, both are them are close friends and they both share a common appeal in pigeon training. Irshad lives with his parents, sister and his brother Shane. His brother Sahne is careless and does not speak with anyone. Irashad and Haseeb love’s the bird unlimited. They have a local rivals Shine Tom Chacko and his gang, who have abducted their valued champion lady pigeon. However, it is shown that Irshad and Haseeb are not knowing of this.

When School Starts

When school starts, Irshad is upset because he did not pass the 9th standard. Despite that his new class teacher comforts him and offer to help him. Irshad occurs to meet a new student in the Habeeb’s class and fall in love with her. He observes that most of the boy students are also behind her. Some time ago there used to be a club named as Six Four Mattanchery owned by Imran ( Dulquer Salmaan). It was a local cricket club that took competition in local matches. Irshad brother Shane is a star performer of the club. The players and the members of the club respected Imran a lot.

The Caretaker and Lunch for Orphanage

Shane comes across a girl who is a caretaker when Imran organizes a lunch for orphan children. He instantly falls in love with her. Imran comes to know about their love. The girl goes to Shane’s home and wins over Shane’s parents for his marriage. Once the member of the club Hakeem’s sister Habeeba who works in a medical store is orally degraded by her boss. The members of the club, in the omission of Imran oath, to take revenge and beats her boss but unknowingly get into a fight with drug addicts and their gang. The gang of the drug addicts also beaten in confusion.

The Revenge

They oath to take revenge from the members of the club. When Imran finds out about it he gets mad on them for what they did. Nevertheless while meeting them at beachside Imran and his club members get faced by the drug addicts and their gang. Imran tries for peace but they did not agree. They get into a fight when Imran prompts the members to get out of the fight. But Imran did not manage to stop the goons at the end Imran is killed by them.

The members of the club and their parents sorrow over the loss of Imran. Shane who firmly accepted that he was the person accountable for Imran’s death gets madly emotional. Shane’s father is too badly hurt by the loss of Imran and instructed to all the members to never meet Shane again.

Irshad’s Proposal to Surumi

Irshad goes to school and offers to Surumi by kissing her on her cheek but he gets a slap from her. Later on, Irshad gets tense and fears that Surumi my reports this news to the teacher and also her parents. Then Irshad acts like he has a fever and did not attend the school next day and sens Haseeb to school for collecting information on what is happening in the school. Surumi meets Haseeb in the school and tells him not to worry and tell Irshad that she is not going to tell anyone about this.

However Irshad returns to school, he is brokenhearted by the truth she has left the school under unknown reasons. Hakeem’s wedding is fixed. On the day of his wedding, Irshad and Haseeb surprised to find Surumi as his bride. From one of the children who is walking around the rival place, Irshad and Haseeb come to know about their captured bird. They regain their pigeon from the rivals with the help of the children.

The Local Pigeon Flying Contest

Meanwhile, the local pigeon flying contest starts and both of them register their name for the contest. At the day of the contest, the pigeon along with the cage goes missing. They hide out oldest pair in a different location. Both of them able to fly pigeons for very long but they disturbed by Irshad father who blames them for losing pigeon. Meanwhile, Shane comes out and notices that the bird is actually captured by drug addicts who returned from the jail.

Shane got Addicted

Shane gets in a fight with drug addicts but they beat him, nevertheless, the members of the club came to help Shane. Afterwards, Shane tries to kill them but he is stopped by club members and his friends. Hakeem’s father and Shane’s father trash the goons, when the police arrive they tell the inspector if they have seen this goon again at their place they will kill them. The member of the club shown playing cricket. Shane is not more an isolated person, he comes back to continue his love story. A happy Imran is a display sitting on the border wall. Irshad and Haseeb continue their pigeon training.

Parava Movie Review

Parava is a Malayalam Drama Movie which is directed by Soubin, while the story of the movie is jointly written by Shahir and Muneer. The Malayalam songs of the movie and background score were composed by Rex Vijayan and the Malayalam lyrics of the soundtrack was written by Vinayak Sasikumar.

Story Review

It features Dulquer Salmaan, Amal Shah, Govind V Pai, Shane Nigam, and others. Parava is the story of the childhood which shots in Kerala’s Mattancherry. Actually, there are two different stories in it. One is related to Irshad (Aamal Shah) and the other one is related to Haseeb.both are devoted school guys who are intense about pigeon racing and also helping each other in bad as well as good times.

Parva carries touching moments of the relationship between birds and human.
Dulquer Salmaan plays an important role in the movie, even the actor seen less than 30 min in the movie, he still shines in the movie.