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Starstruck Full Movie Download

Starstruck is a 2010 crime and drama Hollywood movie and The film stars Sterling Knight,
Danielle Campbell, Brandon Mychal Smith, Chelsea Staub, and Maggie Castle have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Barbara Johns and Annie DeYoung whereas the movie was released on February 14, 2010. Below in this article, you can find the details about Starstruck Full Movie Download and where to Watch Starstruck Full Movie Online.


Starstruck Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Michael Grossman
  • Written by: Barbara Johns / Annie DeYoung
  • Lead Actors:
    • Sterling Knight as Christopher Wilde
    • Danielle Campbell as Jessica Olson
    • Brandon Mychal Smith as Albert Joshua “Stubby” Stubbins
    • Chelsea Kane as Alexis Bender
    • Maggie Castle as Sara Olson
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Matt Winston as Alan Smith
    • Toni Trucks as Libby Lam
    • Beth Littleford as Barbara Olson
    • Dan O’Connor as Dean Olson
    • Lauren Bowles as Sheri Wilde
    • Ron Pearson as Daniel Wilde
    • Abbie Cobb as AJ
  • Producers: Douglas Sloan
  • Music Director: Butch Barbella
  • Background Music: Butch Barbella

Starstruck Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection$3,294,560


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Starstruck Hit or Flop

Starstruck is a Superhit Hollywood movie from the year 2010 and received 6.2/10 rating on IMDb and it is rated by more than 11,267 users. The total budget of Starstruck is not available but the movie collected a total of $ 3,294,560 on Box Office Collection which is highest for the year 2010. Also, Starstruck was one of the most awaited from the year 2010.

Full Story of Starstruck Movie

Sarah An Obsessed Fan

A teen idol and very famous pop star Christopher Wilde is very renowned and successful around the globe, especially amongst the girls. A girl named Sarah of Kalamazoo, Michigan is a diehard and obsessive fan of Christopher Wilde. She seeks to use her family trip to Hollywood, California to meet her widowed grandmother as an opportunity to meet him for spring break. Here Christopher who is on the brink of landing a movie deal and he has agreed to remain out of the tabloids as he wants to prove that he is very serious about to get that role. One night in California Sarah learns that Christopher will be doing a surprise performance for his girlfriend hence she convinced her younger sister Jessica to accompany her to the venue which is a nightclub. When they reach there Sarah tells her to wait outside and take care of their car and she goes inside.

Jessica Meets Christopher

Here Jessica gets fed up waiting for Sarah as she took it very long hence she moves out from the car in search Sarah and accidentally got hit by the car’s door of Christopher. He wants to avoid the paparazzi so to avoid them he takes Jessica to hospital for examination. Then Jessica brings him to her home and allows him to stay in the garage for a night as she learns that the paparazzi are following them. On the very next day, Sarah brings Jessica to Malibu in hope to see Christopher and she goes to sit on the beach. Here Sarah sees that Christopher is disguised and sitting with her but soon they have to leave from there as they see paparazzi arrive. And after that Christopher and Jessica hang around Los Angeles.

Jessica Argues With Christopher

When they are returning from Malibu again they caught by the paparazzi but again they smartly escape from there and in that process Jessica’s grandmother’s car lost in the mud pool quicksand. And they started walking and during that Jessica taunts him that his life is fake but he tries to convince her that his life is real and the conversation leads to the heated argument but Christopher expressed that he loves to hang out with her as she does not want anything from her and Jessica also admits that she also likes his company and they kissed each other but the moment gets interrupted as he panics about getting recognized. And he tells her that nobody knows what happened between us and paparazzi can destroy her and his life too. The angry and heartbroken Jessica returned to Kalamazoo with her family.

Jessica Supports Christopher

Now Jessica is back at her home and once she saw Christopher on a television show and he is telling that he never met her. Jessica gets angry on his statement and she comes out of her house where the paparazzi are camped and tells them that they destroyed him and she never met him. here Christopher’s friend tells and convinces him to make his own choices in life. Here his girlfriend comes to know about the happening that he is with someone who is not famous hence she breaks up with him. Now Christopher realizes that he is free now to approach Jessica. He turns down the movie role and loses himself in tabloids.

Christopher Apologizes To Jessica

Sarah’s friend who is also a huge fan of Christopher rebukes and insults Jessica for what she said on television. Sarah kicked out her friend and both Jessica and Sarah goes to the dance school. At dance school, Christopher makes an appearance and apologize to Jessica but she demands more than an apology. So to fulfill her demand he declares before the paparazzi that he is crazy about Jessica and he loves him, she accepted his apology and he becomes her boyfriend.

Review of Starstruck

Directed by Micheal Grossman and written by Barbara Johns Starstruck is a romantic movie. How the superstar teen idol meets an ordinary girl and falls in love with her despite knowing that it will ruin his career which ended in an innocent love story. It is a fun movie to watch. Iconic, probably one of the top best Disney channel movie, also in that top list: Geek Charming. Everyone should watch the movie at least for once.

Sterling Knight nailed the character if the pop star with his looks and cool attitude through out the movie. While Danielle Campbell as Jessica looks and acted at her best.

Music Review

Thereee are ten soundtracks in the movie which includes Got to believe, New Boyfriend, Welcome to Hollywood, Make a movie and party up. The music is up to the mark.

Starstruck Full Movie Download

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