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Chal Jeevi Laiye Full Movie Download

Chal Jeevi Laiye is a 2019 comedy and drama Gujarati movie. Directed by Vipul Mehta and Produced by Rashmin Majithia. In the lead roles are Siddharth Randeria, Yash Soni, and Aarohi Patel. The supporting cast includes Jagesh Mukati and Aruna Irani. Jainesh Ejardar and Vipul Mehta have provided the Screenplay, while Sachin-Jigar has provided the Music. This film was released on 1 February 2019. Below in this article, you can find the details about Chal Jeevi Laiye Full Movie Download and where to Watch Chal Jeevi Laiye Online.


Chal Jeevi Laiye Movie Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Vipul Mehta
  • Written by: Vipul Mehta and Janish Ejardar
  • Lead Actors:
    • Siddharth Randeria as Bipin Chandra Parikh
    • Yash Soni as Aditya Parikh
    • Aarohi Patel as Ketki Mehta
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Jagesh Mukati as Bhala Kaka
    • Aruna Irani as Dr. Vadia
  • Producers: Rashmin Majithia
  • Music: Sachin-Jigar
  • Background Music: Niren Bhatt

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Chal Jeevi Laiye Movie Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹ 32 Cr Lifetime Collection


Chal Jeevi Laiye Hit or Flop

The Chal Jeevi is Gujarati language movie release in 2019. Chal Jeevi has got 8.4/10 from IMDb rating and done good business on Box Office Collection of Rs.32 Crore. As per the report, Chal Jeevi has considered a Hit movie. When Chal Jeevi was released expectation was hight to cross Box Office Collection of Rs.50 Cr.

Chal Jeevi Laiye Movie Story

This movie is of Aditya Parekh (Yash Soni) and his father Bipin Chandra ( Siddharth Randeria). Aditya’s father always has a complaint with Aditya that he does not have time for him as Aditya is an entrepreneur and like to work all the time he is a workaholic. And on another hand his father is a retired, bubbly and happy go lucky man who wants his son’s attention and time.

Chal Jeevi Laiye Movie

1st Half of Chal Jeevi

While Aditya is busy in his professional and giving no time to his father, his father got upset. Then the story takes a turn as Bipin is diagnosed with Pontine Glioma, it is a kind of brain cancer. After knowing about his father’s health Aditya gets very sad and feels guilty that he never spare time for his father and he regret it.

Here Bipin tells Aditya that he has a last wish that he wants to visit Uttarakhand and this time Aditya agrees to take him to Uttarakhand as it is his father’s last wish. Now the father-son duo goes to Uttarakhand and begins to explore Uttarakhand. Bipin is very happy to spend time with Aditya and here Aditya does not want to disappoint his father now.

2nd Half of Chal Jeevi

While exploring Uttarakhand they come across a young and full of life girl name Ketki ( Arohi Patel) and from there, their journey took another turn. Now Ketki accompanies them in their journey to explore Uttarakhand. She is giving them new surprises daily and their journey is becoming very exciting, surprising and joyous day by day.

In the end, the sinking relation of Aditya and Bipin which has become very fragile and week due to lack of communication again lives up to the new level as both of them feel a strong and lovable bond between them.


Chal Jeevi Laiye directed by Vipul Mehta and produced by Rashmin Majithiya is a simple and light-hearted movie which will make you feel the strong bond of relationship and people can easily relate them with the movie. The movie has a good story which leaves us emotional, but the movie has very good senses of humor moments also. It is a family which one can enjoy with their family at the weekend.


Siddharth Randeria is a veteran actor. He did total justice to his role as Bipin as the story demanded from his character.

Yash Soni is a young promising rising star of Gujarati film fraternity. He has worked in a handful of movies and in each movie, his performance is flourishing.

Arohi Patel is a beautiful actress who worked in several movies in her childhood also. Her performance in the film is very fresh.


Sachin – Jigar is the music producer of the movie. They compose music not only in Gujarati movies but also in Bollywood. Thereee is a total of 4 tracks in the movie and the most popular gujarati song is Pa Pa Pagli sung by Sonu Nigam.

Chal Jeevi Laiye Full Movie Download

Chal Jeevi Laiye Full Movie Download will be available on all lead legal websites. The production house of Chal Jeevi Laiye has not authorized any of illegal website to provide download. It is always better to watch the movies in theaters or on a legal downloading website.

Say No to Websites providing Chal Jeevi Laiye Full Movie Download

As per Indian Copyright Law, it is punishable crime to download the movies from illegal websites. If you caught while downloading or sharing the movies from illegal websites then you will be jailed for 3 years and penalty of Rs.10 lakh. The rules are meant to be followed strictly.

Watch Chal Jeevi Laiye Online

You can watch Chal Jeevi Laiye on TV at the end of Jun’19. Thereee is no question arises to watch the movies from illegal websites. By doing this you will save thousands of families who are under these industries. The House of Horrors always against piracy.

Legal Streaming Sites to Watch Chal Jeevi Laiye Online

The Chal Jeevi Laiye will be available to watch online only on below mentioned legal websites. You just need to subscribe to these platforms to watch a movie or you can also buy or rent the movies from some of the websites which are mentioned below. The subscription charges are also nominal for these websites.



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