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Phillauri Full Movie Download

Phillauri is a fantasy comedy Bollywood movie released in the year 2017. Phllauri is directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Fox star studios with Anushka and Kamlesh Sharma. Phillauri is the story of an NRI who is in India to get married to his longtime girlfriend but finds he needs to get married to a tree to ward off any evils on his to be wife. But the tree turns out to be a lot different as it has a spirit living in the tree and released was 24th March 2017. Below in this, article You can find the detail about Phillauri Full Movie Download and where to Watch Phillauri Full Movie Online.

Phillauri Full Movie Download

If you search on the Internet, you will find several platforms for Phillauri Full Movie Download. But, Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films the production house for this movie hasn’t authorized any websites for Phillauri Full Movie Download.

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If you want to download Phillauri Full Movie online, then you can download it on Hotstar’s offline Download feature.

Phillauri Full Movie Download Filmywap

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Nowadays people do not even spare legal websites like Dailymotion a legal website where some of the users of the site have illegally uploaded the movie Phillauri in parts in HD which are totally illegal. In fact, the team of Dailymotion is working on stopping piracy and soon the videos will be removed from Phillauri Full Movie Download Dailymotion.

Watch Phillauri Online

If you want to watch Phillauri movie online, then there are various platforms from where you can watch this movie.

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Phillauri Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Anshai Lal
  • Written by: Anvita Dutt Guptan
  • Lead Actors:
    • Anushka Sharma
    • Diljit Dosanjh
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Raza Murad
    • Suraj Sharma
    • Manav Vij
    • Nidhi Bisht
    • Shivansh Miyan
    • Sunil Mehra
    • Suparna Marwah
  • Producers: Fox Star Studios, Anushka Sharma with Kamlesh Sharma
  • Music:  Jasleen royal with Sashiwat Sachdev
  • Background Music: Sameer Uddin

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Phillauri Box Office Collection Update

Day 14.02 Cr
Day 25.20 Cr
Day 36.03 Cr
Day 42.02 Cr
Day 51.95 Cr
Day 61.81 Cr
Day 71.65 Cr
Day 80.70 Cr
Day 91.0 Cr
Day 101.40 Cr
Total CollectionRs.50.01 Cr

Phillauri Hit or Flop

Phillauri is made with the total budget of Rs.29 Cr and collected Rs.50.01 Cr on Box Office Collection. Hence Phillauri movie considered as Hit for the year 2016 and loved by both critics and audience. Phillauri Bollywood movie has received 6.1/10 rating on IMDb. The Phillauri movie was nominated for 5 categories out of that won 1 award for Best VFX effects by Red Chillies Entertainment.

Phillauri Story

Suraj Came India For Marriage

A young man Kanan ( Suraj Sharma) comes back to India from Canada to marry his long-lived girlfriend Anu ( Mehreen Pirzada), but realize that she is a Manglik, but before marriage to him, she has to marry a tree. Anu unwillingly marries the tree, which is properly cut down after the finalization of the ceremony. hence, from that day ahead he is haunted by the spirit of a woman named Shashi (Anushka Sharma), who lived in the tree which is cut by them and thus claims to now be married to him. The story of the movie and Shashi is slowly disclosed via the flashbacks.

Poem of Phillauri

Back in the unknown time of period, Shashi is a shining young woman, who never miss reading the works of a poet named Phillauri. Everybody in the village believes Phillauri that the poems are written by the singer Roop Lal aka ‘Phillauri’ ( Diljit Dosanjh), who is popular among the girls in the village. Even so, Roop Lal attentions that Shashi different from the other village girls, she never comes to hear him sing.

When he faces her one day and tells her that he is the Phillauri he writes the poetry by describing one of his famous poems to her, he is amazed when Shashi slaps him. She tells him to use his writing skill of being able to connect with the common man over his songs. From that day ahead Roop Lal has changed himself, devoting his life to recognizing and understanding the poetry of original Phillauri.

The Suspense Reveals

On a specific night when Roop Lal is alone at home singing one of Phillauri’s song, Shashi comes to him and discloses that she is the one who writes the poem secretly.
Soon they fall in love with each other, but Shashi’s elder brother comes to know about their love affair and interferes with them. Roop Lal defies Shashi’s elder brother and admits that he is good-for-nothing and he is not good for her, but he also tells her elder brother that he is going to Amritsar to records all the songs which are written by Shashi and will finally come back and ask for her hand for marriage.

Shahi’s Confess

Meanwhile, Shashi confesses her brother that she writes poetry, at the time passes away his elder brother too reads the poem and start cherishing her talent. Meantime, Roop Lal records the songs in Amritsar and is paid an attractive fee for three hundred rupees. He instantly sends the whole amount as a money order to Shashi’s elder brother, along with a letter saying his intention, he will return and marry Shashi on the Baisakhi festival.

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The Wedding of Shahsi

On wedding day Shashi comes to know that she is pregnant, but does not tell to anyone excluding her best friend Amrit (Nidhi Bisht). Shashi eagerly waits for Roop Lal along with the whole village, but finally, the day ends Roop Lal did not return to her Village to marry her. Shashi’s elder brother face the extreme distress and shame of sending everyone away, this hurt Shashi too much that she commits suicide by hanging herself by a tree

The way to Heaven

In order to clear the misinterpretation between Kanan and Anu, Shashi eventually manages to disclose her presence to Anu as well. Annu’s grandmother demands Kanan say something to his bride, and Shashi cues him with her poem. Grandmother sings a few lines of the poem, being her favorite. This poem is the one which is sung by Roop Lal, the record label mention the date of song recording date as 1919, which suddenly strikes in Kanan mind who instantly takes Anu and Shashi to the site of the Jallianwala Baugh. The movie ends with Shashi’s ghost coming together with her lover Roop Lal’s spirit. Before they both going to heaven Shashi tell Kanan and Anu to love each other always

Review of Phillauri


  • The film features Anushka Sharma, Suraj Sharma, Mehreen Pirzada and Diljit Dosanjh in the lead roles. The Performance of Anushka Sharma is very different in this movie as compared to her previous movie. She actually justified the role and no one can do better compare to her
  • Daljit Dosanjh is another great actor and singer in this movie who played the role very well and his comic timing is unmatchable
  • The songs of the movie are composed by Shashwat Sachdev with Jasleen Royal work as a guest composer, while the lyrics of the movie is given by Anvita Dutt, Aditya Sharma, Neeraj Rajawat and Shellee. The background score was composed by the Sameer Uddin.