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Barilley ki Barfi Full Movie Download

Bareilly Ki Barfi is a 2017 romantic comedy movie. The film stars Kriti Sanon, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Rajkumar Rao in the lead roles and released on 18 August 2017. The movie is directed by Ashwini Tiwari and produced by Vineet Jain and Renu Chopra. Music is done by Tanishk Bagchi, Samira Koppikar, Arko, Vayu, and Sameer Uddin. The movie is written by Nitesh Tiwari and Shreyas Jain. The movie is set in the small town of Bareilly where a free-spirited girl (Kriti Sanon) lives life on her own terms and doesn’t want to get married. Her life takes a shift when she meets Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkumar Rao. Below in this article, you can find the details about Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Download and where to Watch Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Online.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie Trailer

Bareilly Ki Barfi Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
  • Written by: Nitesh Tiwari and Shreyas Jain.
  • Lead Actors:
    • Kriti Sanon
    • Ayushmann Khurrana
    • Rajkumar Rao
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Pankaj Tripathi
    • Seema Pahwa
    • Lovleen Mishra
  • Producers: Vineet Jain and Reenu Chopra
  • Music: Arko Mukherjee, Tanishk Bagchi

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Bareilly Ki Barfi Box Office Collection Update

Day 12.42 Cr
Day 23.95 Cr
Day 35.15 Cr
Day 41.9 Cr
Day 52.0 Cr
Day 61.65 Cr
Day 71.65 Cr
Day 81.15 Cr
Day 91.75 Cr
Day 102.3 Cr
Total CollectionRs.58.62 Cr

Bareilly Ki Barfi Hit or Flop

Bareilly Ki Barfi is a Hit Bollywood movie for the year 2017 and made with a total budget of Rs.20 Cr and collected Rs.58.62 Cr on Box Office Collection. The Bareilly Ki Barfi has received a good response from both critics and the audience and received a good rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb rating and rated by 12.9k people.

Story of Bareilly Ki Barfi

The Candid Bitti

Bitti (Kriti Sanon) is a young beautiful happy go lucky girl living with her parents in Uttar Pradesh and works in the Electricity department. Bitti’s mother wants Bitti to get married and settle down in her life with a good guy from a decent and good family but Bitti wants to marry a man who understands her and willing to accept her as the way she is. Her mother is fed up with this behavior of Bitti but Btti’s father understands her and supports her in her every decision.

Bitti Leaves The House

Here Bitti gets irritated with her mother’s constant complaints and rude behavior hence decided to leave the house. So she left the house and while waiting for the train at the railway station she buys a book from the bookstall of the railway station and the book’s name is Bareilly ki barfi. While reading the book Bitti resembles her the main character of the novel and she finds it very shocking and returned home on the very same night.

Bareilly Ki Barfi movie

Bitti Decides to Meets Writer

After returning home Bitti is constantly thinking about the book and hence decides to meet the writer of the book so she goes back to the bookstall from where she bought that book and asks for the writer. The stall owner guided her to Chirag Dubey ( Ayushman Khurana) who has the printing press he only published this book.

Bitti Meets Chirag

Now Bitti goes to meet Chirag at his press and she doesn’t know that Chirag himself is the writer of the book. He wrote this book 5 years ago after her break up with her girlfriend. He wrote the book describing her girlfriend. But he doesn’t want to publish it with his name for the sake of his ex-girlfriend’s reputation so he convinced one of his meek friend Pritam Vidrohi to publish his name as a writer of the book. The sacred Vidrohi agreed but leave the city in fear of facing any bad effects of this. Now Bitti wants to know about Vidrohi from Chirag.
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Bitti Writes Letter

Chirag convinced Bitti to write a letter to Chirag to communicate with him instead of meeting him directly to which Bitti agrees. So Bitti writes a letter to Vidrohi and handover it to Chirag with the notion that he will deliver this letter to Chirag. Bitti gets irritated with the cold reply of her letters from Vidrohi which in reality written by Chirag. Once Chirag thought to reveal everything to Bitti but comes to know that her mother hates the writer as she thinks that Bitti got spoilt by reading the book. During the meetings with Bitti Chirag develops romantic feelings for her as she is exactly like his ex-girlfriend. Hence he decides to search Vidrohi as a scapegoat.

Chirag Meets Vidrohi

Now Chirag goes to Lucknow where Vidrohi is living currently and working as a salesman in a saree showroom. Chirag tells him the whole story and convinces him to play Vidrohi a boor, uncivilized, uncultured short-tempered, and bad person before Bitti so that Bitti’s infatuation will end for Vidrohi and she will reject him. And finally, both meet and Vidrohi exactly pretends what Chirag told him and as per plan, Bitti gets annoyed with him.

Vidrohi Changes The Game

Somehow even after pretending bad guy Vidrohi turns to be good before Bitti and her family and they started thinking about the angry Chirag tells Vidrohi to leave from there and return back to Lucknow but instead of going Vidrohi go against Chirag and the angry Chirag beats him Later, Vidrohi reveals the reason for not leaving as he started loving Bitti’s friend Rama.

Rama’s Rejection

Once all four of them go for an outing and Vidrohi purpose Rama but she rejected because Chirag tells her to lie that Vidrohi is divorced. The angry Vidrohi yells at Chirag for his lie and tells him that he will take away Bitti from him and will marry her. Here Bitti also falls in love with Vidrohi. And as a result, her parents fixed her engagement with Vidrohi, and Chirag is also invited in the engagement. Chirag was about to tell Bitti the truth but unable to say because she is very happy with Vidrohi and her engagement. Later in engagement, it reveals to Chirag that it is all drama planned by Bitti and Vidrohi and they are not getting engaged. Vidrohi apologizes to Chirag and Bitti confesses her love and feeling to Chirag and then both of them get to engage and Rama and Vidrohi see each other.

Review of Bareilly Ki Barfi

Directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, produced by Vineet Jain, and written by Shirish Tiwari and Shreyash Jain Bareilly Ki Barfi is a light romantic comedy movie. It is a totally fun movie and will entertain you till start from the end. The movie will not give you the chance to miss it even for a minute as the dialogues and characters are so interesting and fab. One should watch the movie at least once as it is entertaining though it doesn’t have any great story and plot it will give you a few hours of entertainment. Director Ashwini beautifully weaved all the characters.

Bareilly Ki Barfi movie scene

Star Cast Performance

Raj Kumar Roa, an extraordinary actor with peculiar acting skills and excellent dialogue delivery. In whichever movie he works he did justice to all his character as he tries to live the character and that’s why people love to see him more and more.

Ayushman Khurana a model, TV anchor turned actor made his presence in Bollywood without any godfather. He acted in several movies and showed his acting talent.

Music Review

There are several music composers of the movie, Tanishk Bagchi, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Samaira Koppikar, and Sameeruddin. There is a total of seven songs in the movie sung by different singers. But the most popular and romantic song of the movie is “Tu Nazam Nazam Sa Meri” both in male and female versions sung by Ayushman Khurana.

Watch Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Online

Bareilly Ki Barfi is an old movie and you can watch Hindu Medium Full movie online on legal platforms. In fact, not all the websites have this movie, because the production house has never authorized them.

  • We have verified that Bareilly Ki Barfi Full movie is available on ZEE5 and Netflix.

There are no other legal platforms to stream Bareilly Ki Barfi Full movie, but can possibly be available soon. Also, you can check some known legal streaming websites like:

  • YuppTV
  • SonyLiv
  • Google Play Movies

Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Download

If you are looking for Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie Download, then there are several platforms. But all these platforms are illegal because Junglee Pictures and B R Studios, the production house of Bareilly Ki Barfi haven’t authorized anyone to download. In fact, these websites are using technology supporting piracy and is against the Copyright Law.

Hence, we request never to Download Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie from an illegal source.

Watch Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie On TV

Bareilly Ki Barfi has broadcasted on TV Channels several times. If you have missed watching this movie, then you no need to worry because this movie can be available on TV channels anytime soon. As of now, Bareilly Ki Barfi has not been scheduled on any TV Channels till May 2019. In fact, as soon the movie is scheduled, we will update you here. You can get the details of the TV Channels telecasting Bareilly Ki Barfi Full Movie from this location.