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Haami Full Movie Download

Haami is a 2018 drama Bengali movie and The film star Broto Banerjee, Abhiraj Karan and Tiyasha Pal have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Nandita Roy, whereas the movie was released on 11 May 2018. The story is about a real & simple friendship between two lower primary school students. Below in this article, you can find the details about Haami Full Movie Download and where to Watch Haami Full Movie Online.


Haami Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Nandita Roy / Shiboprosad Mukherjee
  • Written by: Nandita Roy
  • Lead Actors:
    • Broto Banerjee as Bodhiswata Biswas
    • Tiyasha Pal as Tanuruchi Sen
    • Abhiraj Karan as Ajat Shotru Rakshit
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Tanushree Shankar as Principal
    • Aparajita Auddy as Arundhati, School Counselor
    • Shiboprosad Mukherjee as Laltu Biswas, Bhutu’s father
    • Gargi Roychowdhury as Mitali Biswas, Bhutu’s mother
    • Koneenica Banerjee as Shyamoli Rakshit, Ajat Shotru’s mother
    • Kharaj Mukherjee as Dilip Rakshit – Ajat Shotru’s father
  • Producers: Windows Production House
  • Music: Arindam Chatterjee
  • Background Music: Anindya Chatterjee

Haami Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹7.4 crores

Haami Hit or Flop

Haami had a decent budget of ₹85 lakhs. Enough for what it is & guess what? It ended up earning a whopping 7.4 crores from the Box Office. So, as you can already guess, it came out to be a super-hit movie. ‘Though the directors played closed cards, the excellent storyline with amazing action from the kids, won the hearts of the audience.

Story of Haami

Bhutu’s Family

This movie is about friendship, an innocent friendship without any need or condition which begins in the classroom of grade 1. A simple friendship story between two kids. This the story of Bhutu (Broto Banerjee) and her classmate and best friend Chini ( Tiyasha Pal). So the movie begins with Laltu Biswas (Shiboprosad Mukherjee) Bhutu’s father and Mitali Biswas ( Gargi Roychowdhary) Bhut’s Mother and Laltu’s wife they are financially well stable, rich and they own the furniture shop and living a very happy and settled life. Bhutu is their only son and hence apple of their eyes. And Bhutu also loves his parents the most, a perfect happy family but Bhutu’s parents have only one worry and that is Bhutu’s love for Salman Khan hence his pet name also Bhaijaan.

Chini’s Family

Srinjoy Sen ( Sujan Mukhopadhyay) Chini’s father and Rina Sen( Churni Ganguly) both of them are more into the culture, very sophisticated, educated, elite and both are academicians. They were living their life happily in Gurgaon. Chini is also their apple of eyes and Chini also love her parents the most. But recently they shift to Kolkata from Gurgaon and searching for the good school where they can admit Chini. They found a very good and reputed co-ed school and they enrolled Chini there. From here the twist takes place in the story.

Grade 1

Bhutu is already getting an education in the same co-ed school where Chini’s parents enroll her. And both the kids are of the same age and hence they both are in the same grade that is grade 1 and luckily shares the same division. Both of them meet each other and started playing together started sharing tiffins and talk to each other a lot hence both of them become very good friends in a very short span of time. The innocent kids just enjoying each others company unaware of the circumstances ahead. Once Bhutu kisses Chini innocently on his cheek as a token or symbol of friendship. And this small innocence takes a very big turn.

The Parents Clash

When both Bhutu’s and Chini’s parents come to know about the kiss and their growing friendship both the families get very worried and thinks that it is not good and this friendship is going to harm their kids so every now and then they started to fight with each other and now they desperately wanted to separate both the kids and break their innocent friendship and the poor kids are unaware of all this drama. Hence the childish and innocent thinking of both the kids’ clashes with the grown-up thinking of both the families and their parents.

The Counsellor

Now both the well educated and sophisticated are involved in verbal combat every now and then and most of the time it happens in school premises and the poor and innocent kids unable to understand why their parents are fighting and all this observed by the Chini and Bhutu’s teacher and their academic counselor Arundhati( Aparajita Auddy) So with the permission of school principal she decides to meet parents of both Chini and Bhutu and make them understand the situation and she believes that the counseling session is definitely going to help both the kids and their parents too. So she started meeting Chini’s and Bhutu’s Parents. Will their parents understand Chini’s and Bhutu’s innocent friendship? Will Arundhati will make them understand?

Review of Haami

Directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee Haami is the light comedy movie which gives us a message also. Absolutely stunning! Movies like this must exist more. It is childish and also a very thought-provoking film. This on one hand entertains and on another hand conveys a great message that how our society is changing and the trust is losing its value and there is a very subtle connection with the teachers and the kids and how they must be explained certain things appropriately, not all issues require a corporate punishment and should not misunderstand theirs children playful behavior as something to create a social issue and awareness. To describe in one sentence. Just amazing. You can say it’s an eye-opener.

Story Review

This film shows how complex we’ve become these days. Overall each and every character is just amazing. And the acting is on whole another level. The young actors just nailed it. And the concept of the film is just too good. A complete package. I bet you’ll both laugh and cry while watching this film. The movie has fresh humor to give you a boost in your boring life as well as deep and intense messages to make you think about the current situation of our society. Just go for the movie. I’m saying you’ll obviously enjoy the film.

Music Review

Arindam Chatterjee and Anindya Chatterjee are the music composer of the movie and there are seven Bengali songs in the movie sung By Anindiya Chatterjee and Babool Suprio.

Ways To Do Haami Full Movie Download & Online Streaming

Hammi is one of the cutest Bengali movies made in a while. The viewers seem to love it & it carried a really important social message that really helped parents to understand their children better.

So, how to watch this movie offline or stream online? Well, we’re here to help you with that!

Where To Download Haami?

You can download Haami using in-app download feature that streaming services include in their apps. You can download in HD quality too. But, if you want to download the movie with a direct download link in MP4 or MKV or other formats, there is no legal way of that.

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Where To Watch Haami?

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