Underworld (2003) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

Underworld (2003) - Review, Rating and Synopsis

Welcome to HouseOfHorrors.com, the most extensive Horror Movie Collection and the favorite destination for millions of Horror Movie fans for more than 20 years. In this article, you will find the details of Underworld Review, Rating, and Synopsis. Underworld is a 2003 English Horror movie directed by Len Wiseman.

  • Release Date:  2003
  • Genre:  Vampire, Werewolf
  • Cast and crew: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, Shane Brolly, Bill Nighy, Erwin Leder, Sophia Myles, Robbie Gee, Wentworth Miller, Kevin Grevioux, Zita Görög, Dennis J. Kozeluh, Scott McElroy, Todd Schneider, Sándor Bolla
  • Director:  Len Wiseman
  • Screenwriter:  Danny McBride, Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman

Underworld (2003) Rating:

  • Dylan = 9 / 10;
  • Eloise = 8 / 10;
  • Raoul = 7.5 / 10;
  • Simina = 6 / 10;
  • Andrew = 8 / 10;
  • IMDb = 7.0 / 10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 3.1 / 10;

Underworld (2003) Synopsis:

In a world where war rages between vampires and werewolf clans, Selena, a vampire warrior, and her new werewolf-human friend Michael are trying to shed light on a long-lasting conspiracy.

Underworld (2003) Review:

A movie that is much better than I initially expected. Like in any good Hollywood movies, there are many awesome action scenes in which monsters and special effects are just stunning. But the more interesting thing about this movie is actually the plot, very deep and well-written, it features numerous unexpected twists that come to enrich the already good scenario. The action scenes and some of the special effects could be better, but the movie has an utterly superb style, mood, plot, and acting. I found myself very eager to watch the rest of the saga after seeing this movie, which I guess is a very good thing!

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