Trip Full Movie Download Cast, Plot and Everything you May Need to know


The movie starts with friends visiting a forest to seek adventure, and they meet two strangers, whom they thought of as a killer. The interesting part begins when the real killers enter the plot. The director has given different plot twists to enhance the thrill till the end of the movie. The movie is designed like a Hollywood movie, But how much Dennis has become successful will say it all. The on-screen visuals and the Backgrounds help the viewer keep intact till the last of the movie. The comic timing between the Karunakaran and Yogi baba was quite engaging. Sunaina has got a beautiful on-screen presence and a lot of opportunities to elaborate on different emotions. 



Trip Movie Details

While watching the movie, it seems like Hollywood thrillers’ different genre have influenced director Dennis Manjunath. However, it looks like the director has tried a lot to conjugate too many themes into the movie TRIP. It is must be claimed that the director Dennis Manjunath has incorporated some of the most remarkable scenes. The producer E Parveen Kumar and A Viswanathan have focused on making the movie descent viewing so that everyone can watch this movie from young people to kids. 

The sensor board has marked the movie UA. The movie was given two stars out of 5 Stars. The critics have verdict the movie as An average thriller with an impressive first half and a dull second half. The entire movie setting was shot in the forest. The cinematographer Udhayashankar G’s has done great work with the visuals, in some scenes are worth watching. The first half of the movie is quite fantastic but the second half has let the viewer down. Overall the movie is an excellent option for watching with the family. 

What is the movie about? 

The story is based on a group of people who were traveling in a dense forest. But accidentally met two strangers. The stranger thought that the friend’s group were the killers. The story turns like the tale of a farmer and the lion. The complications start when all of them are caught with real killers. I don’t want to give any spoilers. To enjoy the thrilling and comedy movie, you have watched the movie. 

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Trip Full Movie Download

 The two hours long movie is released on the OTT platform due to COVID-19 protocol. But the movie can be downloaded through FilmyZilla. Soon after its release, the movie was found available on FilmyZilla for online streaming and download. Initially, we had doubts so we checked their website and found that the download links are actually working. 

Cast Details :

  • Yogi Baba
  • Sunainaa
  • Karunakaran
  • Mr. Praveen
  • Mottai Rajendran

Trip Movie Release Date:

The 161 minutes movie was released on 5 February 2021. So preplan your schedules for that day and don’t forget to bring your popcorn.