Sanjay Dutt’s Torbaaz Full Movie Download Online

Torbaaz Full Movie Download
Torbaaz Full Movie Download

Grabbing popcorn in a bowl and sharing it with every member of the family while watching a decent movie having no vulgar dialogues and scenes is the best entertainment one can get with family. Torbaaz came up on the screen with such an opportunity for all of you. After so long, you will witness a super satisfactory yet entertaining movie from Sanjay Dutt which is an ideal movie to watch with your group.

‘Torbaaz’ Movie Cast

Torbaaz is a Hindi Action-packed thriller movie made in the direction of Girish Malik, written and produced by Bharti Jhakar and Rahul Chadha, Rahul Mittra, and Puneet Singh respectively. It cast Sanjay Dutt, Nargis Fakhri, Rahul Dev, Rahul Mittra, Gavie Chahal, and Ankita Lokhande. Sanjay Dutt is executing the lead role in the movie while Nargis Fakhri is playing the opposite of Sanjay Dutt.

‘Torbaaz’ Movie Release date

The movie couldn’t save itself from trapping in the web of a pandemic like several other movies. It too got bitten by the Covid-19 due to which the plan of releasing it in theatres in May 2020 got destroyed. However, the team came up with a solution where they delivered it on Netflix on December 11, 2020. Hence, the subscribers of Netflix can appreciate the movie now.

‘Torbaaz’ Movie Plot

The storyline depicts the scenes of Afghanistan where kids were being given the training to be suicide bombers whereas Naseer (Sanjay Dutt) is an ex-army doctor who returns to Kabul. He meets a team of kids who in general are refugees and taken care of by Nargis Fakhri who runs an NGO for these kids who are sufferers of terrorist deeds.

Further, Naseer strives to transform their lives through cricket. The movie also pictures some terrorist groups and terrorist acts which makes it appealing as it treats the action fans with battle scenes.

Expectations From The Movie

Torbaaz movie has already succeeded in enticing the viewers through its trailer. The movie got positive acknowledgments from cinema enthusiasts for its exceptionally distinctive plot and mind-blowing acting by Sanjay Dutt. The movie is tied with an equal amount of drama, sports, and action which is what makes it worthy to watch. Girish Malik has always come up with adequate and astound visualization of scenes and that’s what spectators are anticipating from this movie as well.

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Torbaaz full Movie Download

Just now we have discussed how exciting this Netflix presentation is, and it’s saddening to disclose that Torbaaz is now facing piracy and online leak issues. The Sanjay Dutt led movie is found on online websites like Tamilrockers and Filmyzilla for download. These websites are wilful offenders that leak almost all the successful movies for their benefit. Torbaaz is the latest victim of their bad motives. Torbaaz can be downloaded from these websites. 

Bottom Line

The legend Sanjay Dutt has won in demonstrating a modest movie that can be viewed with family. The movie brought hope among people and proved how sports can unite people for a noble purpose. The movie is surely fulfilled in giving a moral message to people.