The Relic (1997) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

The Relic (1997)

The Relic (1997) is one of the most extensive Horror Movie Collection and serving millions of our fans for more than 20 years. In this article, you will find The Melic Review, Rating, and Synopsis. The Relic is a 1997 English language Horror movie directed by Peter Hyams. We hope you will be able to find this The Relic Review article useful.

  • Release Date:  1997
  • Genre:  Neo-monsters
  • Director:  Peter Hyams
  • Screenwriter:  Amanda Silver, Amy Holden Jones, Douglas Preston, John Raffo, Lincoln Child, Rick Jaffa
  • Cast & Crew: Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt, James Whitmore, Clayton Rohner, Chi Muoi Lo, Thomas Ryan, Lewis Van Bergen, and Constance Towers.

The Relic (1997) Rating:

  • Dylan = 7.5 / 10;
  • Eloise = 5 / 10;
  • Raoul = 4 / 10;
  • IMDB = 5.7/10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 3.4/10.

The Relic (1997) Synopsis:

An anthropologist sends by mistake a crate containing a very dangerous virus to the museum of Chicago, leading to a series of strange disappearances in the museum crew soon after.

The Relic (1997) Review:

The Relic is basically The Thing meets Night at the Museum.

The idea behind the monster is a virus that combines DNA and makes whatever creatures it comes across evolve rapidly into a disgusting monster. I am honestly a little tired of this, the “genetic modifier” explanation is pretty much what comes back every time someone is trying to scientifically justify a monster story. At least if the story was good it could have been ok, but here what we have is the “typical” recipe for a bad catastrophe movie, including the all range of totally stereotyped characters: the usual pretty scientist woman, the rational cop, the bad guy, etc… This similar to the scenario which is utterly predictable and simply boring.

The fact that it happens in a museum is probably the nicer aspect of The Relic, and a lot of the backgrounds and settings are unusually great. Then there is the monster, we only barely get to see him in the first half of the movie, and when we do, it does look very awkward. The close-ups made with old school special effect are great, but the whole body shots made with CGI are horrible.

Overall, the few good points of that film do not balance at all for the overall bad cliché that is the story. Watch The Station or Deep Sea instead of.

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