The Possession (2012) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

The Possession (2012) - Review, Rating and Synopsis

Welcome to, the most extensive Horror Movie Collection and the favorite destination for millions of Horror Movie fans for more than 20 years. In this article, you will find the details of The Possession Review, Rating, and Synopsis. The Possession is a 2012 English Horror movie directed by Ole Bornedal.

  • Release Date:  2012
  • Genre:  Possession
  • Cast and crew: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Natasha Calis, Madison Davenport, Matisyahu, Grant Show, Rob LaBelle, Nana Gbewonyo, Anna Hagan, Brenda Crichlow, Jay Brazeau, Iris Quinn, Graeme Duffy, David Hovan, Chris Shields
  • Director:  Ole Bornedal
  • Screenwriter:  Juliet Snowden, Leslie Gornstein, Stiles White

The Possession (2012) Rating:

  • Dylan = 7.5 / 10;
  • Eloise = 7 / 10;
  • Raoul = 7 / 10;
  • Simina = 6 / 10;
  • IMDb = 5.9 / 10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 4.0 / 10;

 The Possession (2012) Synopsis:

A young girl whose parents just divorced buys a mysterious wooden box at a garage sale, unaware that it is an ancient trap for a dangerous Jewish demon.

 The Possession (2012) Review:

The Possession is a modern copy of The Exorcism, the two movies being relatively similar in terms of characters and plot. We have a young girl possessed because of a demoniac object, parents worried, possession scenes which are quite similar, and the overall good ending. The Possession contains a few good ideas (which you mostly see in the trailer, unfortunately) and, without reaching the formidable fear climax of The Exorcist, manages to build quite a decent story and a creepy atmosphere. The movie is well paced with clever bits of psychological horror alternating with impressive action scenes.

Once more, I think that modern special effects make possession movies a lot less real than in older times. However, The Possession is a lot more interesting, both visual and storywise, than most of the recent rubbish exorcism films (The Last Exorcism, The Devil Inside).

To conclude, I would say that The Possession is a typical exorcism movie which should please most occasional horror spectators since it is scary and has a great story. However, the “déjà-vu” aspect of the film may be a turn off for hardcore horror fan

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