The Inhabitants (2015) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

The Inhabitants (2015) - Review, Rating and Synopsis

Welcome to, the most extensive Horror Movie Collection on earth and the favorite destination for millions of our horror genre fans for more than 20 years. In this article, you will find The Inhabitants Review, Rating, and Synopsis. The Inhabitants is a 2015 English Horror movie directed by Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen. We hope you will be able to find this The Inhabitants Review article useful. In case you have any comments, please feel free to share with us.

  • Release Date:  2015
  • Genre:  Haunted House
  • Cast and crew: Michael Reed, Judith Chaffee, Rebecca Whitehurst, India Pearl, Vasilios Asimakos, Edmund Donovan, Erica Derrickson, Danny Bryck, Victoria Nugent
  • Director:  Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen
  • Screenwriter:  Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen

The Inhabitants (2015) Rating:

  • Eloise = 5 / 10;
  • Raoul = 5 / 10;
  • IMDb = 4.2 / 10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 7.1 / 10;

The Inhabitants (2015) Synopsis:

A young couple buys a bed & breakfast in New England, not knowing about the dark history of the place.

The Inhabitants (2015) Review:

The Inhabitants is really your usual haunted house movie… maybe a little too usual? well yes, but at least it is well done.

A little like in Ti West’s The House of the Devil, the movie really take its time to build up the tension, showing only a few shadows at first, and letting the dread slowly creep on you. After about 30 minutes, the movie takes a new turn and it is the young woman who starts acting weirdly, reminding a lot of the brilliant Honeymoon from last year. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie tends to drag along a bit too much, and not much happens for a while. That is really the biggest drawback of the movie (but a major one). The end also lacked a bit of punch, or a final twist, or just something to compensate for all the waiting.

Other than that, the movie is interesting. The directing is great, with a lot of immersive shots and clever out of focus effects. The overall atmosphere is really dark and very depressing, probably the best reason to watch that movie.

In conclusion, The Inhabitant is an atmospheric title, but one whose story should have been more rewarding. Still, I recommended it to those who enjoyed slow-burn paranormal movies such as The Innkeepers or The House of the Devil.

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