The Evil Dead (1981) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

The Evil Dead (1981)

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  • Release Date:  1981
  • Genre:  Devil & Demon & Hell
  • Cast & Crew: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Thereeesa Tilly, Philip A. Gillis, Dorothy Tapert, Cheryl Guttridge, Barbara Carey, David Horton, Wendall Thomas, Don Long, Stu Smith, Kurt Rauf, Ted Raimi
  • Director:  Sam Raimi
  • Screenwriter:  Sam Raimi

The Evil Dead (1981) Synopsis:

Five friends travel to a cabin where they accidentally awake some evil spirits that live in the wood.

The Evil Dead (1981) Rating:

  • Dylan = 10 / 10;
  • Eloise = 8 / 10;
  • Raoul = 9 / 10;
  • Ronan = 8.5 / 10
  • Simina = 10 / 10
  • IMDB = 7.5 / 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 8.4 / 10

The Evil Dead Deep Dark thoughts:

A lot of times, people have a hard time trying to choose their favorite things. What’s my favorite color, what’s my favorite food, what’s my favorite pair of underoos (Spiderman, definitely!!) Decisions and choices, but in this case, there�s no question for me. Above and beyond any movie ever made, “Evil Dead” is, and probably will always be my all-time favorite movie. What does favorite mean to me? Well, it means a lot. Things that are my favorite are those things I can do over and over again, and in this case, a movie I can watch over and over again. “Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” runs a close second on my list, but Army of Darkness doesn’t even crack my top ten. It will be examined, however, because of its merits in this trilogy.

I can still remember the day as if it was only yesterday. A buddy of mine who was a dishwasher in the restaurant that I work at told me about this super-scary film he had just watched called Evil Dead. It sounds right up my alley, but I think the shit video store I belong doesn’t carry it. He said no problem; he’d make me a copy. I was amazed! Not about getting a copy, but that he actually owned two VCRs. You see VCRs back in those days cost like $700. So he made me a copy and my life as I knew it was forever changed. I was hooked.

I remember watching ED1 & 2 in college almost every weekend with my friend. Nothing better than a little fright when you have a good buzz going. I have matured a lot since then and now appreciate the series for its cinematic beauty. Yeah right! Thereee’s nothing better than a good scare and a little laugh. If you are an ED virgin and are reading about these movies for the first time, quickly turn off your computer and head to your nearest video store or else I will swallow your soul.

So you may be asking yourself, ” why put up such a negative review of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”? Sure I could have posted a positive review, but it wouldn’t help to demonstrate the power of this film. Koch’s review so exquisitely illustrates the evident foundations of this film (i.e. cannibalism, sadists, etc). He saw the film “THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE” without actually seeing the film. The title flashed up on the screen and his mind went blank. The next thing he remembered was leaving the theater with a mess in his pants. Koch went in with blinders for this film and they lead him down the misguided path of this review.

Evil Dead Story:

Stephen King called Evil Dead …” the most ferociously original horror film….”

The story is a simple one. Five college students venture into the wooded mountains of Tennessee to spend a weekend of fun in an isolated cabin. Is this your standard weekend of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll? No…. unfortunately, our heroes find the “Book of the Dead”, play a tape recording of demonic incantations, and open a portal to the netherworld.

The “Book of the Dead” (189kb), bound in human flesh and inked in human blood, contains the ancient rituals that cause the spirits of evil to awaken and take control, one by one, of the poor innocent students. As the survivors see their friends and love ones turned into hideous, murdering demons, they learn that the only way to kill the possessed is to dismember their bodies. Who will be the next to be possessed by the evil dead? Will anyone survives this night of terror? I won’t tell. Rent this movie, you won’t regret it!!!!! The Greatest Horror Movie of All Time!!!!! 

The Evil Dead (1981) Review:

Evil Dead is one of these 10 cult horror movies that everyone should watch at least once in their life. The scenario is very basic (people awake spirits = spirit attack), but this not the point of the film and somehow this simple plot fits just perfectly to this movie. Evil Dead is a beautiful piece of horror that will keep you entertained at all-time thanks to its very special 80’s fun but tense atmosphere. The special effects and the fore are surprisingly great for the time, and the make-up really disgusting. Thereee are also lots of surprise and fun scenes in this film, and also a great audio track. Watching this movie, some people will laugh, others will get scared, but most will enjoy it.

Evil Dead Frightful Facts:

  • “Within the Woods” was a 30-minute short used by Raimi to gain financial support for “Evil Dead”.
  • Watch the clock in the movie, it serves as the gauge for evil. When evil is in control, the clock stops and begins to moves backward. That’s why the night seems to last forever.
  • “Evil Dead” originally was to be finished in 7 weeks but was stretched to 11. 
  • Cheryl, the girl in the cellar, was Ash’s sister.
  •  If you are an “Evil Dead” completist, check out a movie called “Equinox“. A young Sam Raimi must have watched have this movie a few times before sitting down and writing “Evil Dead”.
  • Look for “The Hills Have Eyes” poster in the cellar scene when the college students discover the tape recorder and the “Book of the Dead”.
  • Check DVD Review examination of the Evil Dead DVDs. Click on the banner for more info.

Evil Dead Merchandise

Evil Dead Fanspeak

Name: Reneeemail: [email protected]

I first saw this movie at a friend’s house when I was in the 9th grade. I was totally freaked out and, when we ordered a pizza that night for dinner, I remember thinking the pizza looked like the bloody, ripped flesh of the demons. Naturally, I couldn’t eat.

No othe film has touched the dark side of me in such a way. It is creepy, disgusting, and innovative. The tree/ rape scene is truly unique. Ashley is a true hero– hacking up his friends and girlfriend. The demons (unlike today’s films) are SCARY. Movies like “Night of Demons” are good– but they merely seek to copy Evil Dead’s awesome film making.

Why doesn’t Blockbuster carry this film?? Why don’t they make them like this anymore?? On a HUGE budget, dumb and insulting movies like “Halloween H2O” are a f*&%ing joke!! Evil Dead terrified us all on a tiny budget!! Hollywood needs to pay closer attention to the script and less to the budget/ special effects.

One more thing– is it true that the director was a student when he filmed this movie.

Let the Evil Reign,


Name: BenEmail: [email protected]

RE: The anticipation of Evil Dead

5th grade, locker room, “you’ve got to see this Evil Dead movie, it’s so freaky, I can’t even tell you.” Friday night sleep over party that same week, the kid pops Evil Dead in the VCR (his parents were out of town). Never before have a been so effected by a film (to this day). The style of it. The grainy visuals, muddy sound all add to the effect of this spectacular film. I still hide under the blankets when I see Ash’s sister pop up from the cellar and I’m 24 years old! It’s unfortunate that a film like this could never be made again. It’s a true classic. I’m going to get my reissued copy today.


Name: BastienEmail: [email protected]

RE: The Evil Dead on the Podium of Cult Movies

This page is killer! Definitely, “The Evil Dead” is a masterpiece of Gore Movies. I’m a Great Fan. As a matter of fact, I managed to organize some Evil Dead Parties with some friends. A bit like The Rocky Horror Picture Show but without the disguise. I have a Little Camp in the Woods which reminds me of the lethal cabin and we go there to spend the night every year just to watch the Trilogy.

We always bring some new people and scare them to death in a creepy but fun atmosphere.

That’s why Gore is for, isn’t it?


Name: Jeremy LongEmail: [email protected]

RE: Evil Dead

I first saw Evil Dead when I was 12 years old me and my best friend rented 7 horror movies and bought a case of Jolt and stayed up all night.It was one of those awesome nights you never forget. Well the first six were pretty good I think they ranged from “the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” to “Make them Die Slowly” .But by 6 AM my friend had passed out and me, having a lower tolerance for caffeine, stuck in Evil Dead 1. Little did I know that this little movie with the shitty cover would literally, and I am not just saying this for dramatic effect, change they whole way I felt about life. From that moment on I wanted to make horror movies and here I am today trying to do the same thing Sam Raimi did ten years ago. But thankfully he did it.

Evil Dead is more then just a movie it is a mind warping experience I have never seen a movie as spine chilling as it and I doubt I ever had. Evil Dead 2 was good as the best horror/comedy ever made and Armies is pure comedic laugh riot but the original has a atmosphere all it’s own. The thing in the woods, the tree rape scene, that ever present cellar door all of these have a brooding quality that completely wraps you up in its twisted vision of the ultimate nightmare. Hitchcock would be proud of the suspense and Dario Argento would be envious of the gore…but when that light bulb fills up with blood and that big band song starts blasting through that dark, damp basement you know you are in the hands of a true cinematic genius. Sam Raimi I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Long

Name: Sandy Starr

Email: [email protected]

RE: Merits of the Evil Dead

Firstly, this a great page. Congratulations.

Secondly, I have always loved ‘The Evil Dead’. I watched it obsessively as a teenager, and even now as a student at Oxford I persist in watching it at least once a week on video (sadly, I have only seen it on the big screen twice). I adore the first ‘Evil Dead’ with a quasi-religious reverence, and am saddened by the increasingly ridiculous cinematic immaturity of the sequels. I am having an article published to this effect in the British arts paper Caffeine, entitled ‘Horror Films Have Lost Their Guts’ (e-mail me for details).

Everything about ‘The Evil Dead’ is perfect. The atmosphere. The music. Bruce Campbell as a true geek (and not some muscle-bound pseudo-hero), in a film where people feel REAL PAIN when they have pencils stabbed in their ankles and hot pokers branded on their backs. When I sleep at night, I dream of staying forever in the ‘dark bowers of man’s domain’. Thank you Sam Raimi. May ED4 be a real horror movie, as you promised it would be in Fangoria #150, and not just more Tom And Jerry.

Sandy Starr

Name: Tristan

Email: [email protected]

RE: Evil Dead I

Yes I agree with you about Evil dead I. It was one of the scariest movies Ive seen in along time ,and I’m not one to be scared by movies, but this movie had me on the edge of my seat, from the moment with the cards, demonicly saying them in correct order to when Ash turns in the end and finds it is not over. I was truly freaked out. Yet the truly amazing fact about this movie was that it was not cheesy like other horror films I have seen. This movie is genuine horror at its best. I thank you for having this web-siteTristan

Name: HUBERT RAGSDALEEmail: [email protected]

RE: The Evil Dead

I came across your Page and saw how you were into The Evil Dead, and I must admit, I totally agree with you. I saw the film quite awhile back, and it has always stuck with me. I was awed by how the gore and yet dark humor combined to make one amazingly entertaining movie. Considering the low budget Director Sam Raimi had to work with, he did a very substantial job. I loved how the crew were not afraid to get covered in blood, and get it all in their mouths and stuff. The follow up Evil Dead 2 , was an even better movie in my opinion. Even if it was the same plot, the subtle changes and bigger budget shined through brilliantly. I love both films, and have them both on vhs. I Have to say the Evil Dead Trilogy is my all time favorite horror movies.


Name: Mike MandevilleEmail: [email protected]

RE: The Evil Dead

I first saw The Evil Dead on the Sci-fi channel, and while it was edited for television it still scared the hell outta me like no movie has ever done. I imagined myself being in that cabin, alone with the zombies sitting there smiling at me, and was so terrified I didn’t know if I could finish it. I did of course, and am now anxiously awaiting the Anchor Bay re-release. And if they don’t make a VHS movie, I guess I’ll have to buy a laserdisc player!

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn was cool too, but in my opinion, not as good as the original. When I watch it now, I appreciate the comedy, but when I first saw it I loathed the comedy because I thought it was a disappointment given the utter horror created by the first film. The Evil Dead is neck and neck with Dawn of the Dead for the position of my favorite horror of all time, who will win, we’ll just have to see.

Mike Mandeville

Name: Andrew LipsonEmail: [email protected]

RE: The Evil Dead

I first watched the Evil Dead with my friend just recently. We turned it on around 2 in the morning. Let me tell you that was quite an experience. I absolutely loved it. The first half-an-hour was just great. I loved all the scary different camera angles Sam Raimi used and the way he suggested that there was a supernatural force in the woods. The setting for the movie is excellent. It is extremely scary. After the first half-hour, the real action kicks in. I was in shock from all the violence and gore from the movie. And when the woman gets raped by trees, man, that’s a scene I will never forget. The movie is so effective and great at being scary. It’s probably the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, except for the Exorcist. It is truly amazing and definitely a must-see.

Andrew Lipson

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