Shivers Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Shivers Movie

Shivers is a 1975 Hollywood science fiction body horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg and starring Paul Hampton, Lynn Lowry, and Barbara Steele. Here in this article, we will introduce the details of Shivers Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

  • Release Date:  1975
  • Genre:  Virus
  • Director:  David Cronenberg
  • Screenwriter:  David Cronenberg

Shivers Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

  • Dylan = 7 / 10;
  • Eloise = 7 / 10;
  • Raoul = 9 / 10;


In a luxury residential island, a strange worm infection turns victims into avid sexual maniacs.


By master of horror sci-fi David Cronenberg, Shivers is a very strange, but a great film.

It features worms that are really gross…in a disturbing way. They looks like a mix between a turd and a penis, making all the scenes in which they go in and out of people orifices very weird. Even without that, the film is actually very sexual, with a lot of extremely strange erotic/horror scenes.

Unlike most films in which you know from the first minute who is the hero and who will survive. Here you have a set of characters and you really never know who is going to die and who will live. This keeps the viewer on edge at all time and compensates for the rather basic scenario.

Gore hounds won’t be disappointed either. The film, which starts quite slowly, gets very brutal and bloody towards the end. Some invasion scenes really reminds of Romero’s early zombie film style.

To conclude, Shivers is really typical of David Cronenberg’s style, being both bizarre and quite sexual. Those who like Videodrome for example won’t be disappointed!

Shivers (1975) Cast:

Paul HamptonPaul HamptonRoger St. Luc
Joe SilverJoe SilverRollo Linsky
Lynn LowryLynn LowryNurse Forsythe
Allan KolmanAllan KolmanNicholas Tudor (as Alan Migicovsky)
Susan PetrieSusan PetrieJanine Tudor
Barbara SteeleBarbara SteeleBetts
Ronald MlodzikRonald MlodzikMerrick
Barry BaldaroBarry BaldaroDetective Heller (as Barry Boldero)
Camil DucharmeCamil DucharmeMr. Guilbault (as Camille Ducharme)
Hanna PoznanskaHanna PoznanskaMrs. Guilbault (as Hanka Posnanska)
Wally MartinWally MartinDoorman
Vlasta VranaVlasta VranaKresimer Sviben
Silvie DeboisSilvie DeboisBenda Sviben
Charles PerleyCharles PerleyDelivery Boy
Al RochmanAl RochmanParkins


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