See No Evil Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

See No Evil Movie

See No Evil is a 2006 Australian-American slasher horror film directed by Gregory Dark, written by Dan Madigan, It is a remake of Richard Fleischer’s 1971 film of the same name; produced by Joel Simon, and starring professional wrestler Kane (Glenn Jacobs). Here you will find the details of See No Evil Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

  • Release Date:  2006
  • Genre:  Slasher, Splatter
  • Director:  Gregory Dark
  • Screenwriter:  Dan Madigan

See No Evil Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

  • Drew = 2 / 10;
  • Dylan = 6 / 10;
  • Raoul = 6 / 10;
  • Eloise = 5 / 10;



To shorten their sentence, a group of young delinquents is asked to clean a disaffected hotel, unaware of the infamous killer who lives inside the walls.


See No Evil was created for one sole purpose: featuring the famous WWF wrestler “Kane”. At first, I imagined that this would simply narrow down the audience to wrestling lovers, which I absolutely am not. However, in the end, I still found it a surprisingly entertaining horror movie.

Of course, the story doesn’t make much sense. As often in this type of slasher, everything is just a far-fetched pretext for having a killer slaughtering youngsters. The characters are supposed to be prisoners… but do not look anything like that, especially not the girls, four bimbos in pretty clothes, jewelry and make up! Even the mixing of guys and girls is very unlikely. Scenario gap after scenario gaps, See No Evil becomes almost a game in which you simply try to uncover what else doesn’t make sense.

But it doesn’t really matter, for the only interest of that film are the kills and the killer. The kills are really gruesome and inventive (I love the fire hose one). As for the killer, he is what we expect, and even more. He is ruthless, mean-looking, and really brutal, and each of his apparition made me hold my breath.

In many ways, this film resembles early slashers such as Halloween, Friday the 13th or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and reuses all the codes. As for the gore, it is not without remembering a very similar movie from the same year: Hatchet.

In conclusion, See No Evil is a fun watch which, despite its flat scenario and many inconsistencies, delivers its lot of good kills.

See No Evil (2006) Cast:

Glenn JacobsGlenn JacobsJacob Goodnight (as Kane)
Christina VidalChristina VidalChristine
Michael J. PaganMichael J. PaganTye
Samantha NobleSamantha NobleKira
Steven VidlerSteven VidlerWilliams
Cecily PolsonCecily PolsonMargaret
Luke PeglerLuke PeglerMichael
Rachael TaylorRachael TaylorZoe
Penny McNameePenny McNameeMelissa
Craig HornerCraig HornerRichie
Mikhael WilderMikhael WilderRussell
Tiffany LambTiffany LambHannah
Sam CottonSam CottonYoung Jacob
Cory RobinsonCory RobinsonBlaine
Zoe VentouraZoe VentouraEyeless Woman


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