Schramm Horror Movie Rating, Synopsis, And Review

Schramm Horror Movie Details

Schramm Horror Movie Details

Schramm (1994)Rating:

  • Dylan = 5 / 10;
  • Ronan = 5 / 10

Schramm (1994) Synopsis:

The infamous lipstick killer is dying and re-evaluates his life before the end. We see his most notorious and memorable moments leading up to his death.

Schramm (1994) Review:

Lothar Schramm, also known as the lipstick killer, is nothing more than a strange loner who drives cabs for a living. He is very protective of a prostitute named Marianne (this being similar to ‘Taxi Driver’ 1976). We, as an audience, learn that he has strange sexual fantasies (e.g. nailing his penis to a table).

Schramm differs from normal serial killer movie in that it shows flashbacks of the killer life, trying to capture his most notorious and memorable parts in his last dying moments. The film unfortunately had a lot of disadvantages. First, there is no plot, just an insight into a serial killer life. Second, everything is mostly visually based. I would have liked Lothar to have some kind of monologues from time to time about the things he did! Instead, nothing really explains why he did it, unless we are supposed to draw our own conclusions. Third, the ‘serial killer’ term is a bit of a joke because there’s not much killing going on in this film, the least we know is that he has killed 3 people thus making him a serial killer.

What I first thought would be something like ‘Henry: portrait of a serial killer’ is instead a very different and unique film. Director Jörg Buttgereit is good at making the viewer feel shocked and unnerved by what they are seeing, and certainly made me feel very uncomfortable at times.

Another thing that annoyed me was the overuse of the same footage to bring in more filler. It wasn’t dramatic, and I found that arty, but boring. The soundtrack is brilliant, just like all of Buttgereit’s films. It goes well with the sinister and dark feel of Schramm’s mind.

On the whole I was looking forward to this, but it was too hyped, and the delivery was pretty poor. The film kept my interest, but didn’t deliver in the end and left me waiting for more. I would recommend if you have an interest in disturbing and weird films, other than that, watch it at your own risk.

 Schramm (1994)Cast:

Florian Koerner von GustorfFlorian Koerner von GustorfLothar Schramm
Monika M.Monika M.Marianne
Micha BrendelMicha BrendelDer Gläubige
Carolina HarnischCarolina HarnischDie Gläubige
Xaver SchwarzenbergerXaver SchwarzenbergerÄlterer Herr 1
Gerd HorvathGerd HorvathÄlterer Herr 2
Michael BrynntrupMichael BrynntrupJesus
Franz RodenkirchenFranz RodenkirchenZahnarzt
Anne PrestingAnne PrestingZahnärztin
Eddi ZachariasEddi ZachariasLiebhaber
Michael RomahnMichael RomahnSelbstmörder
Volker HauptvogelVolker HauptvogelKellner


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