Salò or The 120 Days of Sodom Full Movie Details


The 120 Days of Sodom Full Movie
The 120 Days of Sodom Full Movie

The 120 Days of Sodom Full Movie Details

The 120 Days of Sodom (1976)Rating:

  • Dylan = 3 / 10;
  • Ronan = 6 / 10

The 120 Days of Sodom (1976) Synopsis:

During WWII, four wealthy Italian libertines lock themselves in a secluded Castle along with 18 kidnaped teenage boys and girls. Thereee, they subject them to four months of extreme violence, sadism and sexual torture all for their libertine’s pleasure.

The 120 Days of Sodom (1976) Review:

Notoriously known as the most controversial film ever made, the subject matter includes perversion, extreme violence, rape, murder and even coprophagia. It contains every disgusting and disturbing things you could ever think of, all mashed into one film coming from one of the most sadistic minds in human history: the notorious “Marquis de Sade”.  The director, Pier Paolo Pasolini, is a passionate of poetry and storytelling who enjoyed the works of De Sade and made this film as part of his unofficial ‘death trilogy’. Upon the movie release, he received many death threats and criticism leading ultimately to his murder shortly after the film was made.

Thereee are many shocking scenes, especially near the end when we are taken to the punishing grounds where victims who are trying to escape their fate are brought. They are later tortured and murdered. During this, each one of the fascist rulers take turns as authority over the victims while the others watch from a second story window for their own amusement. Another infamous scene is the feast where they consume excrement. It is very unsettling, particularly because it is played with the calm yet beautiful soundtrack from Ennio Morricone as the background. A big factor of the controversy came from the fact that the victims were teenagers, barely above puberty.

This film is very arty, hiding the fact that has no plot or very little character development. Thereee is however a great deal of storytelling from the four women who are constantly arousing the libertines while they entertain themselves. But under it all, this movie has a very deep message, highlighting how far power can corrupt people. It is a film of depression, anger, and cruelty, a film that asks you to hate humanity, to hate what humanity is capable of. This part was rather interesting, but in the end, I did not enjoy watching it, the film is boring at some points. I don’t recommend this movie at all, but if you enjoyed disturbing films such as “A Serbian Film”, you may want to check this one out. Other than that, stay far away from this film


The 120 Days of Sodom (1976) Cast:

Paolo BonacelliPaolo BonacelliThe Duke
Giorgio CataldiGiorgio CataldiThe Bishop
Umberto Paolo QuintavalleUmberto Paolo QuintavalleThe Magistrate (as Umberto P. Quintavalle)
Aldo VallettiAldo VallettiThe President
Caterina BorattoCaterina BorattoSignora Castelli
Elsa De GiorgiElsa De GiorgiSignora Maggi
Hélène SurgèreHélène SurgèreSignora Vaccari (as Helene Surgere)
Sonia SaviangeSonia SaviangeThe Pianist
Sergio FascettiSergio FascettiMale Victim
Bruno MussoBruno MussoCarlo Porro – Male Victim
Antonio OrlandoAntonio OrlandoTonino – Male Victim
Claudio CicchettiClaudio CicchettiMale Victim
Franco MerliFranco MerliMale Victim
Umberto ChessariUmberto ChessariMale Victim
Lamberto BookLamberto BookLamberto Gobbi – Male Victim