Roudram 2018 Full Movie Download – Teaser, Latest News and updates

Roudram 2018 Full Movie

Roudram 2018 is directed by Jayaraj Nair. Roudram 2018’ is based on real-life incidents that occurred in central Travancore during the devastating Kerala floods. The seventh film in the series. While sharing the poster on Facebook Tovino wrote, “The movie is based on real-life incidents that occurred in central Travancore, during the devastating floods that Kerala survived. Roudram portrays the tempestuous ferocity of nature, and the utter helplessness of humankind before that might.” In the below-mentioned article, you will get the details about Roudram 2018 Full Movie Download.

Jayaraj Nair posted the 2nd teaser on Facebook and left a message to all his fans

Youtube Teaser

A harrowing account of the devastating Kerala floods of 2018, the film is told from the perspective of an elderly couple. The gripping teaser gives a glimpse of the horrifying moment that Kerala and its people went through. Said in the point of view of an old couple, 40 seconds teaser will make you scream your hearts out! Starring Renji Panicker, the movie speaks about the incidents that took place last year when the Keralites experienced the biggest flood of the past decades

News & Updates 

  • 19-Sep-2019: The director himself posted the teaser on his own facebook account which got in trend and everyone is looking forward to his new Movie Roudram 2018.

Roudram 2018 Full Movie Cast & Crew

Movie NameRoudram 2018
Release DateTBA
Movie Director(s)Jayaraj Nair
Movie Producer(s)Suresh Kumar
Production CompanyPrakriti Pictures
Lead CastRenji Panicker
Supporting CastUnknown