Retro Puppet Master Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Retro Puppet Master Movie

Retro Puppet Master is a 1999 Hollywood direct-to-video horror film written by Charles Band, Benjamin Carr and David Schmoeller, and directed by David DeCoteau. Here we will introduce the details of Retro Puppet Master Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

  • Release Date:  1999
  • Genre:  Small Creatures
  • Director:  David DeCoteau
  • Screenwriter:  Charles Band, Neal Marshall Stevens

Retro Puppet Master Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

  • Andrew= 3 / 10;


Andre Toulon is fleeing Europe and hiding in a hotel in. He starts telling a story that reverts back to when he was a young man performing puppet shows for a living. After one of his puppets shows he meets a wizard from Egypt, who is being hunted by Sutekh’s henchmen, which will undoubtedly change his life forever. The wizard and Toulon team up to battle the evil forces by bringing Toulon’s puppets to life.


The seventh film of the Puppet Master series, Retro is chronologically first of every current Puppet Master film made. The puppets themselves are a classical wooden style puppet not seen in any of the previous films but they bring back some of the stars like Blade, Pinhead and Drill Sergeant. One puppet I’m particularly fond of Doctor Death is a new entry to the series. Retro provides a storyline that fits well to everything that comes afterward but the story sometimes messes up some of the facts that were stated in the initial trilogy. Greg Sestero, played the young Andre Toulon, having a really quiet accent, making it hard to hear his dialogue at times. Although the acting was utterly atrocious and didn’t really spark my interest too much, I found it watchable because of how short the run time was, since it was to the point and faithful.

Retro Puppet Master (1999) Cast:

Greg SesteroYoung Toulon
Brigitta DauBrigitta DauIlsa
Stephen BlackehartStephen BlackehartFirst Servant
Jack DonnerJack DonnerAfzel
Guy RolfeGuy RolfeElder Toulon
Robert RadoveanuRobert RadoveanuSecond Servant
Vitalie BantasVitalie BantasThird Servant
Sando TeodorSando TeodorLatour (as Sandu Teodor)
George CalinGeorge CalinValentin
Giuliano DomanGiuliano DomanVigo (as Juliano Doman)
Vlad DuleaVlad DuleaDuval
Dan FintescuDan FintescuBeggar
Serban CeleaSerban CeleaFather
Elvira DeatcuElvira DeatcuMargarette
Claudiu TrandafirClaudiu TrandafirLeader


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