Podcasts to Give you Chills Down Your Spine

Podcasts to Give you Chills Down Your Spine
Podcasts to Give you Chills Down Your Spine

The spooky season is here. If you love binging on spooky web series or watching horror movies, podcasts are other great alternatives to revive your love for spookiness. You might consider indulging yourself into a fun-filled, yet spine-chilling podcasts available out there for your entertainment. below in this article, we will cover the Podcasts to Give you Chills Down Your Spine.

Since their inception, podcasts have been helping the listeners get access to top-class series in all possible genres. If you are looking for ways to spend your leisure time during long drives or morning commute, then podcasts serve to be a great way to ensure maximum entertainment.

For the spooky-lovers out there, we have searched the darkest corners of the Internet to scour your favorite podcast streaming portals to bring you the creepiest tracks in the world. Right from spooky-filled horrifying podcasts to the ones that are rich with dread and a horror-filled atmosphere, to even true life crime audio investigations and real-life criminal cases, the podcasts that we will mention will definitely send chills throughout your body.

Top Spookiest Podcasts 2020

Here is our top pick of the spookiest podcasts of all times for your binging:

Sleep With Me Podcast:

The Sleep With Me Podcast started on 18th October 2013. Since then, it has been airing twice a week for its listeners. The podcast is hosted by Dearest Scooter as portrayed by Drew Ackerman. Lately, it joined the famous Feral Audio Podcast during February 2017. Later on, on 28th March 2018, the Sleep With Me Podcast moved to the Night Vale Presents podcast. The main motive of the Sleep With Me podcast is to distract listeners by keeping their minds busy while experiencing insomnia.

Casefile True Crime Podcast:

The podcast going by the name “Casefile True Crime Podcast” is also referred to as the Casefile podcast. It is a weekly podcast that mainly focuses on crime. The podcast had first aired in January 2016 in Australia. The series is known to deal with cold or solved criminal cases. The cases that are dealt with in the Casefile True Crime Podcast are mostly related to serial crimes or murder-related scenes. Most of the initial episodes of the Casefile True Crime Podcast are related to criminal cases in & around Australia.

The Black Tapes Podcast:

The investigation of Sarah Koenig dealing with the death of Hae Min Lee is depicted in this podcast series. As such, if you are interested in unveiling this mysterious case, you can go ahead with binge-listening to this famous crime-based podcast. The podcast is known to depict the in-depth research of a journalist while searching for truth in the dark & mysterious case.

A radio journalist featuring Pacific Northwest Stories starts the investigation process into the dreadful Strand Institute. The journalist also throws light into the frightening founder of the series, Dr. Richard Strand. Every episode of the given podcast is known to reveal a new striking piece to the mysterious puzzle. While the case might be fictional, the thrill offered by the podcast appears too real.

The Moonlit Road:

Nothing is known to beat the thrill offered by the Southern folklore. As such, the Moonlit Road is known to provide an abundance of thrill and exhilaration to the listeners. The podcast is known to focus on old legends while delivering access to interesting spooky tales originating from South America. One of the best things about this spooky series is that all the stories here range between the duration of 11 to 20 minutes. As such, you can look forward to listening to the same during your quick shower or commute.

Generation Why:

If you are fond of listening to horror stories that are based on true or real-life events, this the right podcast for you. Instead of featuring fictional ghost-based stories, the Generation Why podcast is famous for taking its listeners across the chilling details of real-life creepy conspiracies and cold cases. While the given delivery might not depict a true horror story, you are indeed left with chills after listening to this podcast.

Alice Isn’t Dead:

If you wish to follow some specific character down the spooky storyline, you might as well regard listening to this spooky podcast. The podcast is known to follow the story of a truck driver who is traversing across the town in search of his wife, Alice, who is lost.

The adventurous plot of the podcast takes you across the creepy encounters of Alice, along with explaining the details of odd occurrences during her entire journey. The podcast is indeed a hit in the given genre. Given its immense popularity, the podcast has also been converted into a novel recently.


If you happen to be a history buff, Lore is a great podcast for you. Moreover, if you are also interested in the concept of long-standing & famous historical legends, this the perfect podcast for you to listen to. The podcast is known to focus on immense folklore along with famous legends. In most instances, the series might even go in-depth into the backgrounds of its inception and how it aims at tying to the famous & cultural phenomena of depicting horror.

As this podcast is mostly based on the anthology, you might as well consider listening to a series of episodes in a single sitting. Otherwise, you can also complete the entire episodes in 1-2 sessions. Whatever you choose, you are going to be spooked for sure.

The Strange & Unusual:

As the title of the podcast suggests, the series delivers exactly the same. The podcast is known to emphasize dark history by involving details of cruel murders and disturbing mythology. The podcast plays with the innate fears of the listeners by also focusing on other spooky topics like ghost stories, superstitions, and others. In case you wish to experience a good, old scare, this the right choice for you.

From haunting ghost stories to cruel murders, podcasts are serving as the all-new way to help you ensure a spooky feeling this season.