You asked for it and now you got it. I have gotten so many e-mails from the fans asking me to cover this film and that film, so I decided that I needed a new area to put them. I have decided to put together "theme" movie pages. If you are like me,  I know that you get in these moods where all I want to watch is a couple of good "werewolf" movies. Or possible a few "vampire" flicks.

Each of these pages will be dedicated to specific theme. They will cover the best films in that specific sub-genre, as well as, provide further recommendations. Hopefully, they will also serve as another resource to help further feed your horror addiction. So to accommodate the request of the fans, as well as, provide some theme inspired pages, I welcome you to "The Parlor".

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The 13 Best Vampire Films Films that go bump in the Night

Terror Beyond the Stars


Lycanthrope Films

Films about Man-Made Monsters

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