Ouija (2014) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

Ouija (2014)

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  • Release Date:  2014
  • Genre:  Ghost & Spirit
  • Director:  Stiles White
  • Screenwriter:  Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
  • Cast & Crew: Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff, Bianca A. Santos, Douglas Smith, Shelley Hennig, Sierra Heuermann, Sunny May Allison, Lin Shaye, Claudia Katz Minnick, Vivis Colombetti, Robyn Lively, Matthew Settle, Afra Sophia Tully, and Claire Beale.

Ouija (2014)Rating:

  • Jezhiel = 4 / 10;
  • Dylan = 5 / 10;
  • Eloise = 3 / 10;
  • Raoul = 3 / 10;
  • IMDB = 4.5/10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 2.4/10.

Ouija (2014) Synopsis:

A group of teenagers accidentally wakes up dangerous spirits while playing with an “Ouija” board.

 Ouija (2014)Review:

n director Styles White’s Ouija, a promising but pigeon-toed premise produces a demon-possessed turkey. The premise’s major handicap is that it portrays humanity as no match for malevolent spiritual energies when it is teens who are not. The film’s ghostly villains are able to target members of a dewy-eyed high school clique, one by one, only because parents, police, priests, teachers and occult experts remain, for the most part, invisible themselves. The house-of-cards conflict at the movie’s core caves in without credibility to cement its foundation. Increasingly ludicrous scenarios eventually lure the hacked-up, patched-up fowl off a cliff.

Humanity’s fascination with communicating with more intelligent life forms predates written history. Since ancient times, divination has been used to attempt to obtain guidance from superhuman helpers beyond our realm. People have used an endless array of methods and tools, from the rudimentary (knocking on wood) to the macabre (examining animal entrails) to the exceedingly complex (consulting digital Ouija boards), to establish contact with entities who might shed light on life’s mysteries or provide advanced knowledge of how to cope with difficult challenges that arise. Even most religion is based on bonding with supreme beings in other realms for the purposes of controlling life’s vicissitudes and their impact.

Since its patenting in the late 19th Century by Elijah Bond, the Ouija board, also called a talking board or a spirit board, has proven magnetic for hundreds of millions, whether it is viewed as a tool of divination, a way to contact dead relatives or rock stars or just an adolescent’s board game. The board has been the subject of countless news features, books, movies and television programs. A horror story staple due to its practitioners’ ceaseless rumors of run-ins with bad spirits, the Ouija is both feared and loved.

The scientific community classifies the Ouija phenomena as pseudoscience, denying the possibility that anything other than people’s subconscious muscle movements are involved in its motion. But clergy and those who have been burned by the board warn that it can connect unsuspecting users with dangerous demonic powers that influence muscle movements

Ouija (2014) Cast:

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