A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Before I sat down to watch Part 5, I  prepared myself for another stinker like "Freddy's Revenge". Every review that I had read said it was one of the worst films in the "Nightmare" series. To say I was mildly surprise after watching this installment would be an understatement. I consider Part 5 one of the better Freddy movies probably just behind the original, part three, and the new nightmare.

The story begins with Alice (Lisa Wilcox....wooh baby), the heroine from the previous movie, taking a shower. Both her and her boyfriend Dan (Danny Hassel) have survived their first run in with Freddy. Could lightning strike twice? I don't think so...someone's gotta die.  During a hot shower scene, Alice begins to dream of her long lost Freddy.  Alice dreams of the night Freddy's poor mother (Amanda Krueger) was accidental locked in the asylum for the weekend.   She than witnesses the re-birth of this monster through some mystery woman. One the thing I  like about the "Nightmare" series is the ingenious ways they use to bring Freddy back (i.e. possession, fiery dog urine, etc). That's kinda cool because they never try to cheese out on what happened in the previous films.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:
The Dream Child

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Who is this mystery woman and how can she give birth to the "bastard son of a 100 maniacs"? Because she did it before, she can do it again. But she's a nun...Sister Mary Helen. Part 5 helps to provide further information on Freddy's background.

Alice's boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle accident and Alice begins to suspect Freddy, but she hasn't been sleeping. How is he using her to pull kids into the dream world? Later Alice finds out she's pregnant and even encounters his son Jacob in the dream world. Bet you can't guess who his best buddy is....Uncle Freddy.  But again how's Freddy getting to Alice's friend? I won't tell.  The ending is a little cheesy, but this movie delivers.


Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

It's 10 years after Part 5 and Freddy has systematically eliminated every single pre-pubescence life form  in Springwood. The populace lies is a state of psychosis. So Freddy decides to expand his operation and go global,  "because every town has an Elm Street." But how......?

Freddy enlists the help of one John Doe (Shon Greenblatt) who he plucks out of his dreams and drops on the outskirts of Springwood. Suffering from amnesia, John is taken into an adolescent home where he meets Dr. Maggie Burroughs (Lisa Zane) and tell her about Freddy. They decide to head into town (bad idea) and get some answers. They are unknowingly accompanied by three misfits (new souls for Freddy?)

Freddy's Dead:
The Final Nightmare

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While is town, John determines that he must be the son of Freddy and that Krueger is using him to escape Springwood. Freddy has a son??? Well, I won't say for sure...rent the movie.

One of my favorite parts in this movie is when Freddy is playing with one of his victims in a video game (do you think Nintendo paid them to use "Now I am playing with power"...cheesy, but cool) Also, we again get more information on Freddy, like when the dream demons gave him power to rule over the dream world. Can he really be dead? I don't think so.


Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Isn't Freddy Dead?? Well I guess not, but rather than bringing him back in the movies, this movie tries to brings him into the real world. Wes Craven said after making the first nightmare that he would never do another one until he found a script he liked. Not a bad choice Wes. Last good horror movie you made, buddy.

The story begins with Heather Langenkamp (playing herself) having a nightmare about Freddy's glove. It seems that Heather (and this happen to her in real life) is being stalked by a maniac who terrorizes her with phone calls and letters. At the same time her husband Chase (David Newsom) has begun working on special fx on a top secret film project.   It's 10 years after the first "nightmare" and New Line wants Heather back for the definitive "Freddy" movie.

It also seems that she isn't the only one having nightmares about Freddy. Robert Englund (playing himself) and even Wes Craven, who is allowing the nightmares to guide his script writing for the new film. This is a really excellent plot point. Wes explains that this evil has been around since the beginning of time and storyteller (and in this case, movie-makers) use their mastery of the tale to contain this evil and stop it from materializing in the real world. This spirit of evil has taken a special liking to the Freddy personality and hope to be reborn in his image. Wes believes that only by making another film can they contain this evil.

Wes Craven's 
New Nightmare

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Freddy must use Heather (or Nancy) to enter into the real world. Her son Dylan (Miko Hughs...Gage from Pet Sematary) becomes the focal point of Freddy's torment. She finally determines that she must battle Freddy to defeat this evil. The ending is very cool.

Like I stated in my overview of the "Nightmare" series, this is one of my favorites. It shows the same originality that made the first film so good. This movie take Freddy to the next level, preparing him for the Final Showdown in Freddy vs. Jason.


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