Here are my reviews of the remaining films in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series. When I first finished the page on the original "Nightmare", I had no plans of providing any coverage of the sequels. I have never been a huge fans of Freddy much past the first and last film. Than after reviewing several e-mails I had gotten from my visitors, I felt it was my duty to warn other away from certain, if not all the movies in this series. So I decided to re-watch them one at a time and provide the best possible reviews of my feelings on these movies.

Starting with Part 2, the nightmare of why I hated (not really hated, but not being the fan of in the way I am with Friday the 13th series) were re-lived. I even considered stopping right there and not waste anymore of my time. But I decided to give Freddy another chance and am I glad I did. Three was wonderful and four was cool too. Was I wrong about this series?  Did I let Part 2 taint my mind? Probably. But only time will tell. So....enjoy!!!!!

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

The idea is pretty simple. Freddy wants to be re-born in this world so he can wreak his revenge on all the children of Elm Street...asleep or not. You've got the body, I've got the brain. Not a bad idea at first.....but to Freddy's dismay, he falls upon the misfortunate of having Jessie (Mark Patton), the world's biggest geek,  move into 1428 Elm St. I mean for Freddy to pick a more pathetic loser to possess is beyond me. This movie lacks all the imagination that made this series a classic.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2:
Freddy's Revenge

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The only revenge Freddy gets is on his fans. This is a stinker. Now I can see why Wes Craven didn't want to do it. Maybe my bad taste for this series  was tainted by this movie. The only cool scene is the pool party and it is still pretty lame. Sleep through this one kiddies, because it is one "bad" Nightmare.


Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors

The story begins with our beloved Freddy terrorizing a bunch of kids down at the local loony bin (that's where you'll find me). Enter Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) , back for her second tour of duty, as a grad. student who uses dream therapy to help troubled kids and Kristen (Patricia Arquette), who has the power to draw other people into her dreams. The stage is set for the final battle (or is it?) with Freddy.  This band of mental misfits, who are unable to cope with the real world (due mainly to Freddy), become superheroes in their dreams with the help of Nancy and Kristen in hopes of  kicking some serious Freddy ass. Unfortunately for them,  Krueger is the undisputed, undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the netherworld. How sweet, fresh meat.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:
Dream Warriors

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It is really crazy with this series. You go from one of the worst sequels  in Part 2 to one of the best in  Part 3. The imagery in this movie is just as macabre and dark as the first film. The effects are exceptionally done by Kevin Yagher. John Saxon also returns as Nancy's father. And the ending is great ala "Jason and the Argonauts". Now if I were a "Nightmare Gladiator", I would be Freddy's worst nightmare.  

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

The fourth installment begins where the third one left off. Kristen (Tuesday Knight) has this unsettling feeling that Freddy is coming back. But isn't Freddy dead. Shouldn't have buried me, I'm not dead. This is unfortunate too for her old pals Joey (Rodney Eastman) and Kincaid (Ken Sagoes), because she pulls them back into her nightmare. Freddy quickly dispense with the informalities and the leftover cast. 

It seems Kristen is now the last surviving kid from the lynch mob that killed Freddy. But Freddy isn't done. He needs more fresh souls, so he tricks Kristen into drawing a new kid, Alice (Lisa Wilcox), in to act as a vessel for bringing new children into the dreamscape. Before dying Kristen passes on her gift/curse to Alice.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4:
The Dream Master

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At first, Alice is unaware of her powers and unwittingly starts to lead the lambs to slaughter. She pulls them into her nightmares and Freddy's damns them forever. But unbeknownst to Freddy, Alice is gaining strength from the dearly depart kids and the skills to help defeat him.

This is one of those in-between Freddy films. It's not great, but not bad either. Steve Johnson, Kevin Yagher, and Screaming Mad George did a wonderful job with the special fx.  Most of the scenes with Freddy are pretty well done  with the best scene being the struggle between Freddy and the victim children of Elm Street. Check it out to see what its all about and be the master of your own "dream" domain.


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