Exclusive Interview: Michale Graves

Michale Graves is a singer who began his career with his band the Mopes in Lodi, New Jersey, and is probably best known for singing for the late 1990’s re-incarnation of the horror punk rock band The Misfits.  While in the band, Michale wrote songs with titles like “Dig Up Her Bones”, “The Shining”, “The Haunting”, “Witch Hunt”, and “This Island Earth”.  Given that most of these song titles are derived from some of the most famous horror films ever made, House of Horrors recently spent a few moments with Graves while he busily signed autographs prior to performing at a horror convention. 

Michale Graves
Jonathan Stryker:  What horror films do you like? 

Michale Graves:  I like the old ones, you know, like POLTERGEIST, FRIDAY THE 13TH.

Jonathan Stryker:  “Old stuff”?!  I grew up on that “old stuff”!  (laughs) 

Michale Graves:  (laughs)  I know!  SALEM’S LOT was a good movie.  I don’t like a lot of the new ones.  The horror films that are coming out now – to me, the gory stuff doesn’t cut it if there isn’t a good storyline behind it or interesting characters.  I find it to be just like porn, you know, you’re just getting the blood and guts.  I need a good story to go along with that.

Jonathan Stryker:  What were some of the movies that you saw when you were really young that impressed you? 

Michale Graves:  POLTERGEIST was the first movie that I ever saw and it scared the hell out of me.  I saw it on Betamax.

Jonathan Stryker:  Betamax!  Oh, jeez!  (laughs)  The loser to VHS.  I saw POLTERGEIST twice in a row with one of my best friends two days after it was released in a theater.  I remember that KILL SQUAD was playing next door and he wanted to sneak in and see that, but I pressed him to sit through POLTERGEIST again.  I then owned it RCA’s CED home video system, a format which probably only myself and Bryan Norton remembers! 

Michale Graves:  I also loved the FRIDAY THE 13TH series and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.  I was one of those kids who was heavily into vampires.  As I got older I saw THE SHINING and HALLOWEEN. That’s when I was in my teens.

Jonathan Stryker:  Are you a fan of the films that have been made from Stephen King’s work?

Michale Graves:  Some of them.  That’s gotta be one of the toughest things in the world, you know?  To take a Stephen King novel and turn it into a film.

Jonathan Stryker:  Have you seen any of Dario Argento’s films?

Michale Graves:  No.

Jonathan Stryker:  You should seek out PROFONDO ROSSO and SUSPIRIA because Argento likes to work with people in the music industry.  Goblin is a group that he helped put on the map, and they wrote some wild score for those films.

Michale Graves:  I’ll have to look those up!

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