Beware the creatures of the night, especially those man-made ones cast in foam latex and putty.  Blood, sweat, and tears are the tools of toil for these maestros of mayhem.  Endless hours of work dedicated towards the single goal of scaring the audience to death. Creating images that become deeply seeded in our minds and hopefully in our nightmares. Their joys comes from our fear. Their love of horror is evident through their creations. All of which are part of the man.

The special effect/make-up men are an extremely important part in the equation for good horror, but they are equally responsible for the bad. As I stated earlier, special effects are secondary to my horror enjoyment, but still important to its execution. Used (not abused) wisely, SFX can help propel a story to the next level helping to engulf the audience in the moment.

Fortunately, we have a dedicated few who have truly excelled at their craft. They have helped set the standards for those that followed. Their artistry has grabbed us by the throat and their creations have taken us to the edge. These men (no, I am not being sexist, but I am not familiar with the women in the field, but as always I am opened minded) have made our horror experience that much more enjoyable. It is through these pages that I hope to highlight a few of these masters, so that the world can further appreciate their work. Most of my favorites are from the modern era, the age of the special effect, but a few who helped to lay the foundation will also be praised through these pages. I will definitely be adding to this page as I become more familiar with the works of  other special effect wizards. Remember, the simplest special effect can be the most effective.

Again, as always, anything that you can add to these pages would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me with questions, comments, and criticism.


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