Kowai Onna (aka Unholy Women) (2006) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

Kowai Onna (aka Unholy Women) (2006) - Review, Rating and Synopsis

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  • Release Date:  2006
  • Genre:  Compilation of Shorts
  • cast & Crew: Noriko Nakagoshi, Yûko Kobayashi, Riko Suzuki, Miharu Morina, Yayoi Okuyama, Kaori Fuseya, Aiko Chisaka, Hisayo Ebine, Emi Takahashi, Natsuko Tauchi, Maya Hayashi, Kaori Sakuragi, Nao Nemoto.
  • Director:  Keisuke Toyoshima, Keita Amemiya, Takuji Suzuki
  • Screenwriter:  Keisuke Toyoshima, Keita Amemiy, Keita Amemiya, Naoki Yamamoto, Takashi Shimizu, Takuji Suzuki

Kowai Onna (aka Unholy Women) (2006) Rating:

  • Simina = 7 / 10;
  • IMDb = 6.1/10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 4.4/10.

Kowai Onna (aka Unholy Women) (2006) Synopsis:

Kowai Onna (Unholy Women) is an anthology of three short horror stories, made by three different Japanese movie directors.

Kowai Onna (aka Unholy Women) (2006) Review:

The first one, Kata-Kata (translation Rattle Rattle) is the story of a young girl being haunted by an evil spirit, a lady in red. The image of the movie looks like it’s made by an amateur but don’t let that get in the way. The script is well written, it even has a somewhat mind-blowing ending, And being only 30 minutes long, it deserves my appreciation for how many times it made me jump. That rattling sound is just too creepy.

The second one will stick with me for a long time because it’s been months since I’ve seen the movie and I can’t forget this particular character. A very different version of Beauty and the Beast, Hagane (Steel) is about this girl who is a monster, with no face and instead of an upper body, she is covered in a potato sack. She has nice legs though. The story revolves around this lonely mechanic who gets asked by his boss to take his younger sister to a date, which he does, ending with Hagane (that’s the girl’s name) having a crush on him. I loved this part of Kowai Onna. It doesn’t have any spooky effects that make you jump but the story itself is creepy enough to become unforgettable.

The final story, Uketsugu Mono (Successor) will not be original for the ones who are into Japanese horror manga and movies. In fact, at some point, you will probably find it annoying but nevertheless, the last short movie of Kowai Onna has some scary moments, which made my skin crawl. It’s about a single mother of a boy, coming back to her home town to be possessed by an old curse which will make her want to kill her own son. Thereee are some twists and turns and for an approx. 30 minutes short, it’s entertaining enough.

Kata-Kata gets a 6/10, Hagane 9 and Uketsugu Mono a 6, resulting from a total rating of 7.

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