I-Lived (2015) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

I-Lived (2015)

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  • Release Date:  2015
  • Genre:  Devil & Demon & Hell
  • Director:  Franck Khalfoun
  • Screenwriter:  Brian Breiter, Franck Khalfoun
  • Cast & Crew: Jeremiah Watkins, Sarah Power, Christopher Mena, Elaine Partnow, Jan Broberg, Nic D’Avirro, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Maja Miletich, Brian Breiter, Shannon Collis, Josh Cowdery, Jonathan M. Howard, Franck Khalfoun, Koral Michaels, and Thomas Payton.

I-Lived (2015) Rating:

  • Eloise = 6 / 10;
  • Raoul = 7 / 10;
  • IMDB = 4.5/10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes =1.7/10.

I-Lived (2015) Synopsis:

A young guy makes a living of reviewing phone apps on YouTube. As he discovers an app named I-Lived, his life takes an unexpected turn, for the best at first, and eventually for the worst.

I-Lived (2015) Review:

To be honest, when I read the synopsis about a haunted phone app, I didn’t expect much from that movie. But I should have known better, especially with Franck Khalfoun (P2, Maniac remake) behind the camera.

I-Lived follows a dude who register for an app that can help people achieve their dreams. It seems to works really successfully for him at first. However, when he tries to get end his menberships, it proves more difficult than he initially expected.

The concept might sound a bit childish, but the way the story of this evil phone app is presented is actually quite clever. The movie is very mysterious and the story, involving occult conspiracies and strange dark figures, reminded quite a bit of Starry Eyes’s storyWhile I-Lived does not reach the atmospheric heights of the latest title, it still manages to be similarly gripping and dark-themed.

I recommend it to those who enjoyed technology-themed horror movies such as The Den or Unfriended. I personally liked them both, and hence really liked I-Lived too!

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