I Drink Your Blood 1971 Full Movie Story

I Drink Your Blood Full Movie Story

I Drink Your Blood 1971 Story

In I Drink Your Blood, we see a band of devil-worshiping (Sados Sons and Daughters of Satan) hippies holding a dark mass deep in the woods as a young girl looks on. Their leader Horace Bones (Bhaskar) loudly proclaims that “Satan was an acid head….so let’s freak out” as he begins the rituals for a blood sacrifice. Frighten by what she sees, the young girl turns to leave when she is confronted by one of the cultists. Fleeing for her life, she is later chased down and punished for her defiance.

Later, the transients posing as a rock n’ roll band wonder into the little town of Pottersville (pop. 40) looking for shelter. With plenty of abandon building left unoccupied in this desolate town, these deviants quickly turn the deserted hotel into their home away from hell and set their sites on terrorizing its’ few remaining citizens.

When Sylvia (Iris Brooks) finally comes out of her drug-induced trance, she reveals the truth about her condition and her grandfather heads out to serve up a little backwoods justice. But Grandpa (Richard Bowler) is grossly outnumbered by this bunch of freaks, who promptly subdue him and force a little acid down his throat. As little Billy (Riley Mills) helps his grandfather back home, he knows that it is up to him to get revenge for his family.

When he happens upon and kills a rabid dog in the woods, Billy’s young, innocent, and guilt-free mind quickly comes up with the means to get back at these miscreants. He later injects infested blood into a bunch of meat pies that he sells to the hippies who devour them like a pack of wild animals. One by one, the sickness settles in and this band of bloodthirsty maniacs, foaming at the mouth and suffering from hydrophobia, release true hell on the unsuspecting. Better start running for those water hoses!!!!!

“I Drink Your Blood” played for many years in drive-ins and theaters around the world as a double feature with the 60’s voodoo zombie flick “I Eat Your Skin”. Also over the years, there have been many stories circulating regarding the director’s cut of this film. The stories all usually site a 73-minute version of the film as the director’s cut while pointing to a much longer version (83 minutes) as being cut. The stories go on to state that the director, David Durston was threatened with an X rating by MPAA.

In order to maintain the flow of the story and fill in gaps left by these cuts, the director was forced to add additional footage. From the research, I have done on this film and with the help of Grindhouse Releasing, who hopefully will be putting out this film later this year on DVD, I have found that the 83-minute version of the film is, in fact, the director’s cut. The propagators of this 73-minute myth were just greedy video companies trying to make a fast buck on a sub-par and severely cut release of this fantastic film.