How to Increase E-commerce Conversion Rate – Advanced Tips

How to Increase E-commerce Conversion Rate - Advanced Tips
How to Increase E-commerce Conversion Rate – Advanced Tips

Sooner or later, each owner of a commercial site raises a question: How to increase online store sales and reduce the percentage of abandoned baskets? In this article, we will share several proven ways and methods to Increase E-commerce Conversion Rate – Advanced Tips.

1. Optimize order placement pages

Often online store customers do not complete the purchase process because of a poorly optimized order placement page. To prevent this from happening we suggest the following tips for improving it:

  • Create the conditions for a consistent and logical design process of shopping:
  • Make sure that there are no distractions on the page that can get the buyer out of the basket;
  • Do not invite the user to leave a review of your online store before to complete the purchase process.

Do not irritate your customer:

  • Remove the mandatory registration (make it optional);
  • Warn in advance about the availability of a product, not at the last stage of making a purchase;
  • Allow you to browse the selected product;
  • Optimize Magento 2 Speed.

It is also possible to add a step-by-step order process so that the user can see how many steps he’s already taken and how many more are left.

2. Create a mobile version of the site

Today, consumers are increasingly looking for goods or services with mobile devices. This justified by simplicity and convenience: where wouldn’t a person be, he can go online and search directly from his phone. However, even a well-designed website is not always normally displayed on smartphone and tablet screens as it is designed for desktop computers and laptops.

In turn, the user who came from a mobile device to such a site will experience a lot of inconvenience in navigating and eventually just leave this shop.

The availability of a mobile version of the site reduces the risk of losing a potential customer and, accordingly, increases the conversion rate.

3. Increase your trust in the online store

An important factor that influences purchasing decisions is other customer reviews. They form an opinion about your products and services and directly affect the reputation of the online store. That is why it is so.

it’s important that they’re displayed on the website.

Add the opportunity for your customers to leave comments and feedback. After all, it will significantly increase confidence in your site, and also show that you listen to the opinion of every client.

4. Optimize the advertising campaign

Advertising is set up, users come to the site, but the conversion is still low?

This situation is most often related to incorrect configuration and incorrect keyword selection, which leads to a banal plum of advertising budgets.

To prevent this, it is necessary to constantly analyze the advertising campaign, expand and refine the list of keywords, as well as work out various variants of announcements in contextual advertising. Only in this case advertising will be effective and will bring you the desired profit.

5. Use social media

Today’s social media not only help to increase loyalty or strengthen brand positions but also act as a full-fledged sales tool.

For example, with the help of targeting tools in social networks, you can offer to buy a product to a specific target audience. 


The most important thing I would like to say is, don’t forget to try and test in life marketing theories and advice. After all, passive acquaintance with the material will do little good.

High conversions to you!