House of 1000 Corpses (2003) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Welcome to, the most extensive Horror Movie Collection and the favorite destination for millions of Horror Movie fans for more than 20 years. In this article, you will find the details of House of 1000 Corpses Review, Rating, and Synopsis. House of 1000 Corpses is a 2003 English Horror movie directed by Rob Zombie.

  • Release Date:  2003
  • Genre:  Bumpkin & Redneck, Splatter
  • Director:  Rob Zombie
  • Screenwriter:  Rob Zombie
  • Cast & Crew: Sid Haig, William Bassett, Karen Black, Erin Daniels, Joe Dobbs III, Judith Drake, Dennis Fimple, Gregg Gibbs, Walton Goggins, Chris Hardwick, Ken Johnson, and Matthew McGrory.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)Rating:

  • Dylan = 3 / 10;
  • Eloise = 7 / 10;
  • Raoul = 7 / 10;
  • Simina = 4 / 10;
  • IMDB = 6.1/10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 6.5/10.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003) Synopsis:

Two couples traveling around Texas in the search for an urban legend called Dr. Satan are abducted and held prisoners by a sadistic family of serial killers.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003) Review:

Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses is an exploitation film meant to pay homage to exploitation films of the 70s such as Craven’s. The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes and Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

For a first attempt, I think that Zombie has put in a good effort in paying tribute to these classics and I respect him for that. Though I do like House of 1000 Corpses such as the misuse of comedy in some scenes that just don’t fit.

The way some characters try to be funny can be quite annoying at times, like Sid Haig’s character as Captain Spaulding and Bill Moseley’s character as Otis. Even though I quite like Bill Moseley’s character on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as Chop Top, the role did not suit him.

It goes the same for Sid Haig’s character who was easily the most annoying because of his laugh. The way he acted turned me off big time. Though, it was good to see Karen Black the chick from Trilogy of Terror and Burnt Offerings back in horror films.

Another turn off for me was the gore, from what I had heard, this film was going to be very violent and feature a lot of gore. When I had watched it, I saw that there wasn’t a lot of violence and that it was quite light on the gore. I think it would have enjoyed it a bit more if Zombie had added a little more extreme and graphic scenes, like in some of the exploitations films.

Overall I’ll give it some credit for paying homage to exploitation films of the 70s. It is also a good attempt at trying to achieve the status of exploitation film. A certain group of people might enjoy this movie and fans of Rob Zombie’s music are bound to love it.

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